A Newlywed’s Guide to a Healthy Marriage

So you’ve passed the dating stage, made it down the aisle and enjoyed the honeymoon. It all seems surreal, until reality sets in. You’ve both probably settled into your home and are getting back to your usual daily routines. However, things are different now. Instead of just fending for yourself, you now have your spouse to consider. Here are some pointers that will get you through the first year and the rest of your lives together.

Talk It Over
As I’m sure you’ve heard many times before, communication is one of the most important elements in a marriage. As I know first hand, it is difficult to get caught up in daily life and overlook those few precious moments that we have to actually sit down and discuss the things that need to be accomplished as part of our responsibilities or even just how we are feeling. Not taking time to do this can cause tension, confusion and sometimes lead to couples drifting apart as they take it upon themselves to make decisions that should involve both spouses, or suppressing thoughts and emotions that need to be brought to attention.

Creating a Budget System
In my opinion, this is also a very crucial topic for newlyweds. It will perhaps be one of the most difficult things to get used to in the beginning. Because you are used to taking care of your needs for the most part, it is sometimes hard to grasp the concept that you have another person to think of when considering insurance, food, entertainment and any other daily expenses. The idea of what’s mine is yours really comes into play here. It is important to establish a financial system in which both partners are involved and have an agreement on how the income will be spent on bills, savings and enjoyment. In some cases, like in mine for instance, it is a good idea to have one spouse oversee and actively pay the bills regularly, using the shared income of course to avoid any confusion of what’s been taken care of and what hasn’t. As always, the other spouse should be kept in the loop and informed of any hiccups in the system that may arise.

Spending Time Together and Apart
For some newly married couples, it is a challenge to say goodbye to the single life and embrace the new lifestyle of togetherness. This is a time when you should be spending more time with your partner and putting them first in your daily activities. Remember, you are still getting to understand how one another works and what your flaws and strengths are. But this does not mean that you should give up on friends that you had previously or certain activities that you enjoyed before your marriage. Your partnership requires a healthy balance of both.

As you are aware, there are a lot of things that you will learn along the way, but hopefully these steps will guide any newlyweds in the right direction and create a basis for a lifelong marriage.