A Newbie’s Look at Freelance Writing

One of the most scary words for anyone trying it on their own should be freelancing. I know from experience that going out on your own can lead to headaches, heartaches and ulcers. But, it has also been one of the most rewarding things that I could do as a family man.

Most freelancers get into thinking that they are gonna make a mint and work half days and stay home a lot. Well, I can say the stay home a lot has been part of my life. But, freelancing has been a tough journey and has taught me of the resilient spirit of the other writers and designers I have worked with.

A writers beginnings.

For a freelance writer there are many ways to start your career. Some go right here to Yahoo Contributor network. Others will check out sites like freelancer.com and elance.com. All these sites give you an opportunity to showcase your talents but only Yahoo does not have you bid on the work. Sites like Elance and Freelancer have you competing not only with other individuals but with small companies also. So if your bid is too high then you will not get the job.

As a writer the big thing that has to be understood is quality and quantity. With blogging I have noticed a lot of just quantity most sites I go to it is just post post post and those sites seem to fall flat on their faces and that writers freelance attempt falls with it. When writing for the internet SEO tactics is a writers best friend. Write concise, well written articles on what you know that are also browser friendly. By browser friendly you want an article that when the robots crawl your article it knows what it is about and will give you relevant placing on the results pages.

Somethings I can not stress enough:

  1. Write what you know. A strong desire and passion for subject matter will show and it will allow the reader to feel what you are trying to convey with your message.

  2. If your knowledge has been tapped out then find a subject you always wanted to know about and write about your learning experiences. Maybe someone else wants to learn and your first steps might help bring them to try it out.

  3. Be persistent and thick skinned. Just because your first article got sent back does not mean you give up keep trying and refining that article till you get it right and can put it out.

  4. This is my most important suggestion, do it cause you want to do it not cause you want it to make you rich.

That last suggestion is a big one. Can you make money freelancing? Yes you can, but you will not be a millionaire over night. It takes lots of practice and rewriting to get even one article to a spot that you would be happy to have your name on. I have blogged off an on for a few smaller and now defunct blogs and I wrote on them cause I loved the subject matter. Start there, you want to spend the extra time with kids that is great just make sure you take the time to write one or two articles a day. My goal is to get two a day done and submitted to Yahoo Content each day. With that goal in mind I am hoping to make enough to cover a small bill here and there. That is what it should be about small goals and completing them.

Freelancing can be rewarding and fun but like anything else it is hard work and a lot of work to get to where you want to be. This is my first time writing for Yahoo Content and I do not think it will be my last. I finally have found an outlet that will let me give a little bit of me to the world, for good or bad and allow me to bring my passions to those that care. So for all you would be freelancers out there do not give up or get discouraged it is there for you to take you just got to have the nerve to take it. As I keep writing for Yahoo Content I will update my journey periodically to maybe help with some of the mistakes I make on the way to help you better understand one path to freelance writing.