A New Dilema of Middle East Issue

The enemies although Muslims are their own enemies yet the time servers entered the arena and flagrated the differences. Situation has reached the point where a Shia is not respected by Sunni and vice versa.

Muslims are a nation the most vulnerable on the face of the earth. They are credulous and irrational. They have more feelings than intellect. Most of their energies are wasted in the futile conflicts among one another. They are the people who fight over the low heels or high heels. It is often quoted that Muslim scholars were trifling over the issue of the passing of angles from the whole of needle when Hulagu khan attacked and devastated Baghdad. The situation has not changed so far. There is not any day when Muslims do not fight over the trifles. They are at daggers drawn over the non issues. A Muslim is not bearable to other Muslim if he differs with him in his jurisprudence.

Some Muslims loudly say ‘Aamin’ in the prayer which is objectionable to those who say it in lips. Then they often fought over the hand rising during the prayers. There are many factions who believe that the holy prophet rose arms before every article of prayer and they do the same but other think it less blessing. Many factions came into being due to such trivial differences. Then there is historical difference between some factions. Although all the Muslims think it wise to follow all the four enlightened caliphs yet there is some faction who is not at par with them. Those who believe in the four caliphs are called Sunnis and those who are not at par with them and believe in the lineage of the fourth Muslim caliph Ali RA are called shias. Due to political and factional reasons the followers of Ali think other inferior and are against them. Afterwards they separated there way of prayer and many a religious rites.

The Middle East is a region where both the factions live. They are backed by their respective communities. There are many Arab states where Shia resides but rulers are Sunnis. And also there are many Sunnis living under Shia rules. This is the Achilles heel of both the factions. The western people and scholars are now trying to cash the same differences in the region. They have not succeeded in generating civil war in the name of democracy and human rights in many states. Now they are buttressing the Shia communities where they are in minority and Sunni communities where they are in minority. Bahrain and Syria are its examples. There is a nominal Shia minority in Bahrain. Same is being used to run riots and raise revolts by the vest. The name of Iran often comes in the news in this matter. The Muslims are being divided on the factional basis by their enemies. It is the turn of the Muslims now to be united. They should struggle for their rights but not in the name of religion. They should act in unison with the opposite factions for their just rights but should not become a subterfuge for religious clashes.