A Never-Ending Day-to-Day Challenge!

“We are facing a never-ending day-to-day challenge that we must overcome to survive many problems, complications, troubles and intricacies”

A never-ending day-to-day challenge is part of one’s struggle as he or she experiences the ups and downs of life. There are times that we end up by committing suicide because of the unsolved problems that keep on hampering our norms of living. Whatever it takes, we know that it is really part of one’s destiny to resolve.

Destiny decides who will single out … who is going to meet in life, but it is your heart that decides who gets to stay forever. God gives us our heart and mind to let us know what is right or wrong. Life is dependent upon the human being who keeps on clinging to it. Hence, if he or she has made a decision which gives us a challenge, we must face or leave it. Life is a day-to-day challenge of survival. There is no elevator to success, so one has to climb painstakingly for it no matter what it costs. Every situation in life merely gives us a lesson to learn a challenge, to face a path and to walk into. We can never be called great when we won’t undergo hardships and trials. Complications make us reform and mold ourselves to be better but independent persons, away from hassles and bustles of society, just to be true who really we are.

Whenever we do something that fills us with great enthusiasm and zeal, we are following our legend. However, we don’t have all the guts to confront our dreams and faith in God. Why? It is because we are afraid that our hearts will have to suffer. So the best way we can do is to tell the whole world that our fearing hearts that seem to suffer are worse than the “real suffering” itself. And that no heart has ever suffered when it goes by degrees in search of its ultimate dreams. The reason is that every second of the search is a second encounter with God and with eternity. And one should always keep in mind that having courage to take what he really wants to take is the only way of showing that he trusts in God. In that way he could be able to reach his dreams with head’s up and with foot-away on the ground.

In life, the ups and downs are inevitable. There is always a time that we win and there is a time that we lose. In times of crises and personal problems we always seek for someone to lean on. We almost forget that God is one of them. God won’ t abandon us, and He will never depart from us if we ask earnestly for help, especially His divine guidance!. By all accounts, we could say that it is we who abandon Him and blame Him for having suffered such calamities and having these kinds of unending problems, instead of asking for His guidance in facing all of them. Life is like taking a temporal test. God knows that we can solve or pass the problems that He has given to us for He knows us more than we do. In every victory that we have in life is not just because of us but because of Him for He is always on our side in times of troubles. He is always there and whisper to us not to give up. For God will never leave us, and all the fellow human beings surrounding us may turn their backs on us without noticing. God is always on our side, waiting for us to notice Him despite failures to encounter.

Yes, it’s true that having encountered such a failure is inevitable if we are to succeed in life. Unfortunately, many people do not know how to overcome failure, and they are stopped by it when they encounter one. The ability to overcome failure is one big difference between successful and mediocre people. After all, we should pass failure on the way to success, so it is the ability to pass it that makes the difference between those who eventually reach success and those who don’t. There are times that we face some obstacles and we come to realize that we really get hurt. We may be hurt by our friends, our family and our loved ones. In this case, we allow some problems to occur and put some misunderstandings. We sometimes lose some friends and that experience hurts a lot. Life is worth living for. We may cry and feel like we are so weak that all we do is to lose hope and it is hard for us to move on. We cannot avoid these things because they serve us as a caution to overcome the challenges that God has given us. They can affect our emotions and our way of living too! We should learn to forgive but never forget. Everything happens for a reason. We may be so down and left behind with some scars but we should make those things as an instrument to pursue more. It is true that we should shun from bringing things that occur in the past, and instead focus on the present. Memories are kept in our hearts and minds, but just let them be part of one’s existence.

Besides, each one of us is bound to face problems and challenges in this life. Some might think that it is not fair but it is. The Lord has given us problems so that we may be able to learn our lessons and justify our wrongdoings. The Lord knows what is best for you, so why not accept the challenge and do your best? Problems are blessings in disguise. Not many people might realize this wonder because they think that things should go on their way. They think that when they attempt something, everything should go smoothly. Well, it is not like that. Consider that Thomas Edison, inventor of the incandescent light bulb, had to try over again just to invent the said invention. Indeed, he failed many times, yet he did not give up. Instead, he learned from his wrongdoings and tried again for him to finish what he wanted to do. He might be disappointed but his disappointment in failing challenged him to do better. In the end, he did. He successfully invented the incandescent light bulb.

On the other hand, people should not be very pessimistic about shortcomings because one never knows what might happen afterwards if they keep on encountering them. Optimism, yes, it should be optimism. People should be optimistic about every setback or problem they encounter because in the end, it might be their only key to success. It’s really not some sort of understatement when our elders apprise us that the world or global communities we live in … lie in a harsh reality. From the very start of innocence, we are subjected to a bitter truth. Crimes transpire everywhere. Civil arrest continues to disfigure society, and continuous discrimination and oppression rock the core fundamentals of our understanding of peace, unity and goodwill. Nevertheless, we try to survive in this desolate land. It is this character that we have that keeps us going amidst the tribulations that we encounter every day. Perchance, we are so fortunate to have an inspiration on our side. Through prayers and great deal of motivations from the people who believe and trust in us, no mountain is ever too high to climb, no sea is far enough to cross and no space is huge sufficiently to separate us from the realization of our dreams. In the perfect balance, again, we find ourselves as we embrace the promise of a brighter future, not only for us, but for everyone. The high reward of salvation, deemed possible by God Himself, has finally been made concrete in our persistence and hard work. The time has never come to contemplate the grasp of life itself that is so essential. People from all walks of life may finally overcome the slavery of their own selfish gain — what the saints and martyrs have preached throughout the ages and the ulterior motives of the human experience. Despite what the tragedy may shake our faith and reason, still at the end, we experience the taste of heaven that we have to work so hard in unison in order for us to achieve.