A Nations Adversity

Last night, after listening to a message entitled “Enduring and Outlasting Adversity” by Dr. Creflo Dollar the Holy Spirit began to speak to me about some things. As we all know, our nation is in pretty bad shape. There’s been so much talk as of late about the economy, and all the debt we’ve put ourselves in, and all kinds of other things involving the decline of the United States of America. Dr. Dollar has even prophesied that soon our nation will be reduced from the great tree that it was to a stump, but also that God will lift our nation up to be the great tree that it was once again. This goes right along with what the Lord spoke to me.

“When this nation falls, the ones that turn to Me will find rest and rejuvenation. Whosoever believes and has faith in the promises I have bestowed upon them, I will lift up and make whole.”

Now mind you, I was in the midst of going over my study notes from the lesson I had just listened to. The Lord instructed me to write down what he was saying so I hurried up, turned the page, and wrote exactly what I heard in my spirit. After I read it over a few times and realized that this was prophetic, I heard the Lord tell me to put it on the blog He had been instructing me to start. Now I’m excited. God had been instructing me to start this blog for a long time now, but had never told me what the first post should be about. I kept asking Him, and asking Him, and asking Him, and all He kept saying was to start the blog! Then it hit me that I had actually just created the blog the night before. I don’t know who this is for, and I apologize for going on this tangent. I wanted to delete this paragraph and start over three times now, but God told me to keep going. The point is that when I finally trusted and obeyed what God was telling me to do the whole time; He gave me what I needed to keep it going.

Moving on, I want to break this down for you all a little. We’ve already covered the “when this nation falls” part, so onto “the ones that turn to Me will find rest and rejuvenation.”

Psalm 94:12-13 says “Blessed is the man whom thou chastenest, O LORD, and teachest him out of thy law; That thou mayest give him rest from the days of adversity, until the pit be digged for the wicked.”

Would you consider the collapse of our nation adversity? I know I sure do! But we see here that BLESSED is the man that the Lord chastens and teaches, or disciplines and instructs, and that the Lord shall give him REST. The Amplified Bible says that the Lord will give you the power to be calm in adversity. How many of you all know when you’re going through adversity that it’s hard to keep calm, and that it’s hard to not worry? But right here the Lord is telling us that if we let Him discipline us, and if we let Him instruct us, we will be able to rest, and be calm in the face of the adversity. No more worrying about how you’re going to pay this bill, or get this and that done. 1 Peter 5:7 says to cast your cares upon the Lord, because He cares for you. God wants us to let Him deal with all that stuff!

Now onto, “Whosoever believes and has faith in the promises I have bestowed upon them, I will lift up and make whole.” Are you a whosoever? I know I am! Whosoever BELIEVES and has FAITH in the promises I have bestowed upon them. Now I’m not going to sit here and type out all the things God promises us in His Word. Get in that thing and find out if you don’t know! What I want to talk about is the “believes and has faith” part.

Romans 10:17 says “So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.” That means you’re going to have to get the Word of God inside you if you’re going to have the faith to move mountains (Mark 11:23). Galatians 5:6 tells us that faith works by love. So faith comes from the Word of God, and faith works by being rooted and grounded in love, which is a commandment from God (Matthew 22:35-40).

Now, God told me that he would lift us up and make us WHOLE if we do those things. When I think of something being whole, I usually think of a pie that hasn’t been cut into yet. The whole thing is there in its full quantity. I believe the definition of the word whole that God wants me to give is “not broken, damaged, or impaired.” So God wants to lift us up and make us not broken, damaged, or impaired. Think about it for a second. What in your life is broken, damaged, or impaired? Is it your finances, your relationships, your health? Think about how much worse those would be if the state of the nation was any worse. But God is telling us He wants to make us whole! Your finances, your relationships, your health, your job situation, anything you can think of that’s broken or impaired in any way, God wants to make it WHOLE!

I highly encourage you all to get ahold of this thing for your sake and for the sake of the people around you. God knows we’re going to need each other in this upcoming adversity. I believe that’s why he’s led me to share this with everyone I can. Remember, when this nation falls, those who turn to the Lord will be given rest and rejuvenation. If you believe and have faith in the promises that He’s given us in His Word, He’s going to lift you up and make you whole! Don’t let the adversity that’s about to befall us get you down. I pray that you all get ahold of God’s promises and His Word, and are made whole in Jesus name!