A National Dilemma

The nation today is facing a real dilemma in the way business and yes, our own government are responding to the financial disaster that millions of Americans are still faced with. Currently the sheer number of people who remain unemployed is so massive that any hope of ending this economic crisis in which every local community, every state, and this nation is in remains very elusive. The only types of employment opportunities that are being created and available are non living wage type of jobs. These include service sector, non specialized health care workers, and part-time employees. No where in our economy today is there more of a threat to continued economic upheaval than the way current business leaders and our legislatures are dealing with the current economic landscape of our country. Governmental policies and the financial industry are all continually thwarting so many employers from having the means to be able to hire more workers. Very instrumental factors have to be realized before this country can begin to see any improvement in the way businesses hire more workers at living wage salaries. Until then it will be virtually impossible to regain any hope of economic resurgence if our Government doesn’t reform major policies in favor of keeping business here in the United States. Having the necessary components that keep economies growing and having more of the public being able to have the ability to actually purchase more of the goods and services that are now produced and manufactured right here in America is essential for economic growth. In essence the true application of the Williams Theory of Economic Evolution has to be realized.

Right now the future or for that matter the present is very bleak for millions of Americans who through no fault of their own are in financial limbo. For a generation of citizens who are over 50 the economic picture is very dark. Employers today are still fixated on younger less experienced applicants when it comes time to hire what few employment opportunities happen to be available. A complete antithesis of what employers value in other countries around the world. It is no wonder that the goods and services generated here in the United States continue to be far inferior to say countries like Japan and Germany. These countries have a complete different outlook when it comes to the value of an employee. In Australia like in most countries in Europe youth is less of a factor when hiring. Experience matters. It matters because experience breeds quality and workmanship into every product or service that is offered or produced. Business today in the United States continue to think about the quick buck saved or made in relation to the products or services made or offered. There is no real emphasis made to ensure better quality, affordability, and durability when it comes time to actually produce a product. This all transcends to the fact that more of the experienced employees are left out in the cold sort of speaking when it comes time for continuing employment. So many individuals who reach a certain age in this country are finding living wage jobs almost impossible to find. This nation with so many citizens unemployed and under employed only exasperates a continuing economic nightmare for them and this country.

To put this all in perspective this country is faced with a potential catastrophic economic dilemma far greater than what is happening today. For millions of American facing financial difficulty with more individuals continuing to fall into that abyss of economic deprivation a national awakening must occur now. No longer can the business community and our government sit idle while millions continue to fall victim to unprecedented economic calamity. We must realize that when the Federal Government intervened in shoring up the financial industry with over 700 billion dollars of tax payer money [borrowed funds at that] hasn’t produced the economic impact everyone was waiting for. These are the same financial institutions whose reckless abandonment caused the greatest economic upheaval since the Depression. History repeating?

What is happening now is the financial institutions continue to thwart economic expansion by focusing solely on major corporations and not the entrepreneurial ventures that are vital in providing the living wage jobs that vanished because of the financial industries reckless behavior. This in itself is just another set back for all those individuals who have lost their jobs and now want to venture into starting their own business. A report has shown that since 2008 when the financial crisis hit the United States has lost over 550,000 employer based businesses. These are start up business that never had a chance of succeeding or never materialized. Start up business, the entrepreneurial spirit are the ones that actually produce the bulk of the living wage jobs all across the country which in actuality really are the biggest engines of job growth. Our legislatures and the main stream media still remain so fixated on major corporations earnings and profits they continually over look the real basis for economic growth and stability. A double edge sword in our economy today is very pragmatic for millions of Americans especially if you are over 50.

That old saying the rich get richer and the poor get poorer is more evident today than ever before. In today’s business world in the United States according to the Bureau Of Economic Analysis corporate profits and CEO’s salaries and perks are at all time highs. Meanwhile the regular rank and file employee [those still fortunate to to be employed] are finding their salaries are remaining stagnant or worse reduced just when the cost of living continues to increase. These factors contribute to the greatest division and disproportion of wealth in our nations history. When there is such a vast discrepancy in the distribution of wealth the United States remains on a collision course for disaster.

What will it take for American business and our government to eliminate this impending catastrophe? First our lending institutions have to recognize the fact that credit scores remain too cost counter productive in enabling individuals to acquire the needed capital to start, to maintain, and grow their own businesses. Today’s credit scores do not take into account the easing of credit to those who have sound business plans or whose business are struggling with today’s economy is so important to secure economic growth. Most small entrepreneurs and small business need at some time or other a little assistance by securing needed capital. This financial assistance, all of which is crucial for stabilizing an already faltering economy. The economy is predicated on the fact of business having readily available funding at reasonable interest rates to maintain their solvency. Once the easing of credit scores with the current available cash reserves that the banks now have [thanks to Uncle Sam] there should be enough reason to grant those struggling business additional capital in order to remain solvent, hire more and grow their business.

The United States policies in trade and commerce still favors major corporations that continually funnel much needed capital, resources, and yes jobs over seas. The real issue is the impact that NAFTA and our other trade agreements has had and continues to have on the exodus of the American workforce. Tariffs have to be reinforced with countries that continually flood American markets. China and India are a few of the major countries whose exports continually make the American economy weaker. If heavier tariffs were imposed then the turn of events would favor American industries in producing more American made products. This in turn would lead to more business expansion which translate to more job growth. The United States can not end this economic calamity that millions continually fall victim to especially those who are over 50 when so many of our population has reached that age. The enormous strain on budgets all across this country with so many under and unemployed without change will only further depress an already depressed and fragile economy. The dilemma that this nation is in will only grow more extreme the longer the United States policies, our financial institutions and the frame of mind in the Corporate world waits to embark on the necessary steps for prolonged economic growth.