A Musician’s Guide to Musical Instrument Stores in Boulder, Colorado

Musicians in Boulder , Colorado , are often surprised by the sheer volume of instrument and music stores in such a small area. With nearly twenty local musical instrument stores available to choose from within the county borders, it’s easy to be intimidated by the selection! Whether you’re looking for beginning school band instruments, professional violins, or guitars and keyboards, there’s bound to be a store in the area that’s perfect for you. Here’s a quick guide to some of the better music stores in Boulder County , from one musician to another.

Lafayette Music (lafayettemusic.com) may be small but that doesn’t mean it’s not reliable! Catering more to beginning instrumentalists, Lafayette Music offers a rent-to-own program on all of their brass, woodwind, orchestral, percussion, and keyboards, and any sheet music or accessories they don’t have in stock will be ordered promptly. Even for pros, their customer service makes a trip worthwhile!

HB Woodsongs (hbwoodsongs.com), handily located on the Pearl Street Mall, offers possibly the largest selection of instruments types of all the stores in the Boulder-Denver Metro area. Their guitar selection is primarily acoustic but includes custom models, their folk instruments range from popular ukuleles to banjos, and their band selection includes advanced-level instruments. Be sure to check their “used and unique” section for instruments you may not find anywhere else!

Wildwood Music (wildwoodguitars.com) in Louisville has a reputation for being one of the best guitar stores in Colorado. Staffed entirely by guitarists of varying disciplines, Wildwood Music provides a dizzying selection of specialty acoustic, electric, and bass guitars and accessories. For beginners there isn’t much to choose from, but for seasoned players looking for a professional-level instrument, Wildwood Music handily provides!

Woodsongs Lutherie (lutherie.com) and Goodrich Violins (goodrichviolinshop.com) in Boulder are by far the top two music stores for violinists and specialized string players. Both sell a fantastic selection of violins and violas, many of which were restored by the staff of Woodsongs and Goodrich. Woodsongs also sells and repairs mandolins and acoustic guitars.

Baker’s Piano Center (bakerspianocenter.com) in Boulder is the top-reviewed keyboard retailer in the area. Selling all kinds of keyboard instruments from electric keyboards to grand pianos, both new and used, Baker’s selection is top-notch. Shoppers are encouraged to play before purchasing as the staff knows just how much an instrument can differ even within the same brand.

Are you ready to start playing? Go forth and shop!