A Mother’s Love

Mother, I remember when you were young and full of life, there wasn’t a thing you didn’t like to do. Your green eyes caught everyone as you would smile at people and your auburn hair shined with the same spunk and liveliness you brought to life and shared with your children and others. The energy you displayed was beyond belief and never seemed to tire you. You displayed a love for life and enjoyed everything that came your way.

You had an extremely difficult and hard life as a child and you suffered in more ways than one in the mountains of West Virginia. No, life wasn’t easy, but you never wanted anyone’s pity, and you always had a positive outlook on life in all respects. Mother you were a rarity, one in a million, one who could take any task and run with it. I’ve watched you many times as you were challenged to a tough situation, and it was as though you loved to work the puzzles in life because you always came out at the end as a winner.

Yes Mother, you were full of life and I loved the way you played with us children…like you were a kid yourself , and your face told how much you loved being a part of our playtime. You would jump on a horse, as wild as could be, and enjoy the challenges of taming it until it was gentle and calm. There wasn’t a pair of ski’s or a sled you were afraid to jump on and to soar down a mountain. I can still see your rich auburn hair glisten as the suns rays captured it as you soared down a hillside or mountain.

I’ll never forget when Dad bought his first 1952 Ford and you jumped in it and reved the engine and took off like a streak of lightening was running you. You came back to the driveway, and said, ” I’m calling this car “Mule Train” because she’s faster than a lightening bug. I also remember the time the police stopped you and told you to put the car in neutral and rev the engine. You pressed down on the accelerator real easy, and he said, “I told you to press down the accelerator…am I going to have to do it for you?”

She floored the accelerator and the police almost jumped out of his shoes the mufflers were so loud they echoed for miles, and he said, “I’ve now found out who’s been riding through town making all the muffler noises.” We laughed so hard after he left our sides actually hurt.

Mother, you made life look easy and never showed you had to struggle to raise all of us children. The coal mines would go on strike and Dad would be out of work but you never did let us see you fret. There would always be a table full of country cooked meals three times a day and we’d have clean clothes and a clean warm bed to jump into at night. Yes, you were a treasure Mother, one of the greatest in the world and you made our lives worthwhile by teaching us properly in our lives.

Time and age took it’s toll on your long life of ninety-four and it ended in January 2009…a “sad” day for all of us. I do believe Mother if you were “still” with us, you would jump on a wild horse and tame it just like you did years ago. I’ve never known another person who loved life so much and had the energy and desire you displayed in life.