A Mother’s Day to Remember

It was a beautiful, sunny day with a crisp southern Oregon breeze moving through the trees. Wind whistling amongst the leaves and the warmth on my cheek from the sunshine made for an absolutely delightful Mother’s Day. One I would never forget and share with others on every occasion I get.

After church was over my entire family met at Tom Pierce Park with hamburgers, beans, buns, condiments, potato chips and drinks in tow. Each of my grown children brought a couple of items each and placed them strategically on the plaid-covered picnic table for all to share. My grandchildren played on the playground spinning as fast as they could on the merry-go-round and sliding down the slide consecutively with great excitement. My grown children and I awed in wonder at the thin plastic kite flapping high in the sky as my oldest son let out more and more string until the kite looked like a tiny spec floating in the wind. My oldest and youngest daughters and I ran back and forth on the lush, green grass with dog leashes in hand and little yappers at our ankles. My youngest son twirled my grandchildren around and around on the merry-go-round as their hair flew in their faces and their screams grew faint from their uncontrollable laughs. My husband and I relaxed on a blanket with each of the kids and grand kids in full view. Smiling form ear to ear, my husband and I looked at one another and whispered, “We’ve done good.”

Mother’s Day is a time to reflect on the wonderful opportunities there are in caring for a husband, nurturing children and seeding into grand children’s lives.Making memories come alive again year after year makes me ever so grateful for the plan God had for my life that included a spouse, children and grandchildren.

Thoughts of thankfulness overwhelmed me as I realized my husband and I had begun a wonderful legacy of love and patience, sharing and caring, enjoying time with siblings and closeness that comes from a family. Good times shared on Mother’s Day made me feel like the most special woman in the world. As I cuddled with my precious grandchildren, laughed amongst my sweet, grown children and reminisced with my dear husband, I realized more than anything, I was a blessed Mother. I knew this was a Mother’s Day to remember and as each family member offered their love and thoughtfulness, I knew no one could ever take my place, I was valued beyond imagination and life was absolutely perfect in every way. The memories made from this Mother’s Day were worth their weight in gold.