A Mother’s Day I Won’t Forget: The Pink Petunia

When I was ten or eleven, Mother’s Day was coming, and I had to get my Mom something. But what? Then it dawned on me, my Mother loves flowers. I remember when I was younger how we would take seeds off of Marigold plants and plant those in wooden boxes. We would watch them grow. I loved the time we spent together. Oh, how she loves flowers !!

Yes, that is what I would do, but how I only had a few pennies, how much more was in my piggy bank. I turned it over and tried to giggle it out, but it wouldn’t come out that way. So I got a butter knife from the kitchen and stuck it in as I turned it over and coins just seemed to slide down it. I finally got enough, I thought. Now to go to the flower shop, that was about a mile away, so I took my bike.

My Mom is more than my Mom; she is my first teacher, my nurse, my friend. I had to get something special for her, but did I have enough money? As I thought about this, I got more excited about what I was going to do. The more I thought about it the faster I peddled my bike.

I soon got there, after I got off my bike I burst into the flower shop. I told the woman what I wanted to do. She was busy, so she told me to go and look in the greenhouse, where all the plants were. I went down each row and saw many pretty flowers, I wanted something small to give to her, something delicate. What is her favorite color, let me think, yes pink. I want a small pink flower, something just from me to her to tell her how special she is to me.

Then I saw a small pink flower. It looked so alone, but soon it will have a home where it could grow and flourish. Yes, this is it, I wonder what kind of flower this is ? I picked it up carefully, and carried it to the nice lady. She told me I picked out a small pink petunia for my Mom.

I dug pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters out of my pocket and put them on the counter. I asked if that was enough, she counted it and smiled at me and said it was just enough. Oh, I was relieved, and said “My Mom is going to love this.”

I asked if she could put the foil around the plant. Then I asked if she could have it delivered because I had come on my bike. She told me it usually costs more…but what address was it going to, I told her 418 W. Lincoln.

She looked at her other orders, and she replied, “Why yes, there is an Easter Lily that is going to be delivered there ! We will deliver your plant with the lily. Fill out this card with your message, we will put it with the plant”

I was happy they were going to deliver it there, but with mixed emotions. The lady told me the Easter Lily was ordered by my brothers and it was pretty, my pink petunia was pretty too, but …..

I thanked the lady, and went to play with my friends, hoping Mom would like the Petunia as much as she would like the Easter Lily. As I was playing I heard Mom calling and calling for me. I walked home slowly, because I thought I did something wrong that I didn’t know about. When she saw me she hugged me, and she started crying.

What had happened? Did I come home too slow ? Did she think something happened to me ?. Did something happen to someone else?

I asked her why she was crying. She said she was crying because she was happy and she said, “Thank you, Carlene.”

Okay, now I was confused, for what? I didn’t do anything special and I don’t think she got the petunia…or had she ? It seems like I just left the flower shop ! Surely, she didn’t get that yet !! And I was so worried the Petunia was not as pretty as the Easter Lily, well not as big.

Mom said, “Thank you for the Petunia, it is so pretty.” as she continued to hug me.

I looked at her, and said, “It wasn’t as big as the Easter Lily.”

Then she looked me straight in the eye, and said, “It wasn’t how big the gift is, it is the thought.”

Then I hugged my Mom, I felt warm inside and happy because of something I did for her. With that happiness, I went back to play and she went inside to get supper ready. Over the years, I would buy her other Petunias. Then would we grin at each other, remembering that special Mother’s Day.