A Mother’s Day Flower Centerpiece Craft for Kids

Here is a Mother’s Day craft project for kids that can be completed using basic school supplies and food items from your kitchen. This craft requires adult supervision and assistance depending on the age of the child working on the project.

Materials to make a Mother’s Day Flower Centerpiece:
6 Chocolate sandwich cookies
1 14-ounce Container of chocolate pudding
1 Large wooden Popsicle stick
1 Bag of Green jelly beans
1 Sheet of 9×12 yellow construction paper (center of the flower, where the photo will go as well and use a portion for the cup covering)
1 Sheet of 9×12 red construction paper (for the flower)
1 Sheet of 9×12 inch lavender construction paper (for the cup overing)
1 Sheet of 9×12 inch light blue construction paper (for the cup covering, in ½ inch squares)
1 Sheet of multipurpose paper
1 Pencil
1 Spoon
1 Parent photo
1 8-ounce foam cup
1 Daisy flower stencil
1 Plastic bowl
1 Sheet of notebook paper
1 Fine point marker

Instructions to Make a Mother’s Day Flower Centerpiece:

Cut the daisy flower stencil into seven pieces that include one circular center and six florets. Trace the florets into your red construction paper using a pencil. Discard the stencil papers and then cu out the resulting floral construction paper shapes using scissors. Trace the circular daisy flower shape onto a portion of your yellow construction paper, using scissors.

Set the circular stencil aside and then cut out the yellow construction paper shape using scissors. This will become the daisy flower head for your Mother’s Day centerpiece. Trace one of your red flower shapes onto the multipurpose paper using a pencil. Cut these shapes out from the multipurpose paper using scissors. Write a sestet mother’s day poem consisting of six lines, on the sheet of notebook paper.

Copy the poem onto the white multipurpose paper floret pieces, writing one line for each shape using your fine point marker. Leave some blank space at the bottom of each floret to make room for attaching these pieces to the flower head center. Glue one white floret shape each onto a matching red construction paper shape until you have six pieces that each feature one line from the poem. Cut your photo into a circle shape using scissors and then glue it on top of the circular yellow construction paper flower head.

Assemble the poem around your photo by attaching the written side of the red florets to the flower head center using glue. When completed properly, your finished flower should display the photo and poem on one side and a red daisy with a yellow center on the opposite side. Allow the flower shape to dry and attach your green jelly beans to both sides of the wooden Popsicle stick using glue. The entire wooden stick, except for 1 inch of space near the top should be covered with jelly beans. Allow the jelly beans to dry on the wooden stick and cut your lavender and light blue construction paper into ½ inch squares using scissors.

Cut ½ inch squares out of the remaining pieces of yellow construction paper, using scissors. Attach your colored construction paper squares to the foam cup using glue and continue until the entire cup is covered. These squares can be assembled in a mosaic design or in vertical or horizontal lines of matching colors depending on your preference. These squares help to give the foam cup a colorful flower vase appearance. Allow the squares to dry on your cup and smash the chocolate sandwich cookies together in the plastic bowl using a spoon.

Pour your chocolate pudding into the bowl and stir it in with the chocolate cookie pieces. Fill your foam cup with the chocolate pudding and cookie mixture to make. Attach the daisy flower to the empty space on your wooden stick using glue. Allow the flower to dry on the stick and then place your finished flower piece into the center of your chocolate mixture filled cup. Place the centerpiece on a table to create a crafty and memorable Mother’s Day display.