A Morning with Daisy

“He’s really cute.”

Daisy had heard that before, all too often. She was sitting opposite her best friend in the world, Jenny, and listening to her recount the wonderful details of the new guy she met the day before, a setting played out at least once every two weeks. Daisy sighed inwardly and looked out the window at the crisp bright morning. Jenny followed suit, taking in the beauty of the sunrise, continuing, “I mean, he really gets me, you know? He listens to my stories, he asked questions, and I could see it in his eyes that there was genuine interest in who I was. He’s not some skirt chaser like the rest of them. He’s a gentleman…” and her voice trailed off, lost in the world of imaginary ecstasy.

Daisy, on the other hand, was not buying it for a second. If she could have dinner every time she had heard her friend say something along those lines, she would weigh a ton. Every guy she met, it seemed, was a gentleman and always listened. Invariably, Jenny would bring her Knight in Shining Armour home, and Daisy could always see that the look in his eyes was always of lust, of Jenny’s amazing figure. Truthfully, Jenny could make any man’s head turn at light speed as she walked. What a shame she never really realizes, Daisy thought. Her friend was intelligent, to be sure, but not in matters such as attraction and the way in which in a man’s mind works. Daisy knew, more so than others. She had been with a man for years who chased after women with a pitchfork and a devious grin. He never tried to hide it from Daisy, and she was powerless to stop it. Always, he would say the same lies, the same compliments to progress towards the same objective. Daisy well remembered the nights sleeping on the couch, curled up with the pillow for warmth and comfort, listening to the sounds from the bedroom with both utter disgust and wailing grief.

Not anymore, she reminded herself. She had finally plucked the courage to leave him, escaping one day while he was at work. It was scary walking down the road, cars flying past her, but for the first time in a long while, she felt free, completely free. That was the day she had met Jenny, in the park under a tree. She had been leaning underneath the branches in the shade reading a book. Daisy saw her eyes, they were deep blue like hers. She instantly fell for her. Not in love, but in deep and lifelong friendship. Before she knew it, Daisy had walked up to the beautiful young woman and sat down next to her. When they looked at each other, there was an instant connection, and Daisy had a new loving home.

That was three years ago, and still their friendship remained as strong as ever. However, there were times when Daisy just wanted to hit Jenny over the head. Times like these.

“I don’t know,” thought Jenny out loud. “He just seems so right for me. Know what I mean Daisy?”

Daisy looked back at her friend, staring into those blue eyes of hers. She could see the longing for affection, for loving companionship. She wished she could give her friend these and more, but she knew it would never work. And so, Daisy was content to help Jenny through the wave of ungrateful men, being there for here whenever she needed her to be. Through it all, Daisy learned how to be a supremely good listener.

“Don’t you look at me like that! I know what you’re saying, ‘Oh, but Jenny, he’s just like all of the rest.’ Well, I have to take a shot, don’t I? Don’t I deserve happiness?” Jenny looked hopefully at her friend. Daisy looked back out the window. Yes, her friend did indeed deserve to be happy. If anyone, she had earned her place in life and had earned a good man to share it with. Would such a man ever come around? Daisy had always entertained that question. She knew of the man next door. He was the same height of Jenny. He was a bit geeky and socially awkward, but she knew a side of him she was sure most people did not. One day, Daisy was walking around the apartment floor when she noticed that the man’s door was open a bit. Curiosity getting the best of her she ventured inside. She startled the man nearly to death when he saw her, sitting on his couch. He almost dropped his bowl of ramen noodles onto the carpet.

“Who…who are you?” he had asked in a confused tone. “Wait…I know who you are! You live with the girl next door, don’t you? I thought you looked familiar. Well, then it is my very good honor to meet you, and you may call me Kevin. If my memory serves me correctly, your name is Daisy, yes? And what is the name of your friend…umm…Jenny! That’s it, of course. I remember when she first moved in here, I helped her get that enormous couch she owned up the stairs with the guy she was with. I wonder if they are still together…”

Daisy was astonished as he trailed off. Not only had he remembered her friends name, but her name as well! This man was very intriguing. Kevin shook his head and looked at Daisy with a smile.

“Well, nice of you to drop by! For future reference, you are most welcome here at any time. Now, I’m going to hasten a guess that you are thirsty? I can see it on your face. Come on, I’ll get you some milk if you like.” Kevin invited her into the kitchen, and they indeed did have milk together. He talked and told her stories. Daisy was amazed. She knew at once that he was the perfect man for Jenny. The only problem was that he was not the best looking in the world. Jenny went for the bad-boy types, the kind Daisy saw on the television and spent the greater part of the programs length trying to figure out why in the world these men were considered attractive. Keven looked nothing like the men Jenny went for, but his heart was true. Daisy had never been treated so kindly by a man before, and a man that hardly knew her at that. She also knew that Kevin secretly liked Jenny. He had told her so, but to not tell anyone. He knew that he never stood a chance, not after seeing what kind of men Jenny brought home with her.

Would Kevin ever get his chance? Would Jenny ever find her happily ever after? These seemed like questions of deep importance, and yet they could be asked in the lightest of voices. Daisy could see how it would play out. There Jenny would be, sitting with her coffee as always, talking about how the guy from across the hall had said hello to her and they talked for a little while. Then, a couple days later, Jenny would announce that Kevin was taking her out on a date and that she was kind of excited. “I mean, he’s not much to look at is he?” Daisy was sure Jenny would say something like that, but she was equally sure that Jenny would come home nothing but smiles, for Kevin is a true gentleman. Over the next few weeks, they would court one another, this time with Daisy included in the picture, and Jenny would truly be happy. Kevin would be happy. Daisy would be happy with both of them, and life would become brighter and more cheerful.

Daisy knew it was just wishful thinking. Some part of her, however, really wished it would happen. She turned back to her friend from her reverie, and saw the longing again. She thought of all that her friend had been through, of all that she, Daisy, had been through, and she felt that somehow, everything was connected. She could see the chain of events of the past, and how they would influence the future. There was nothing she could predict, of course, but Daisy felt she could guess that the wishes of those around her would come true. So perhaps, she would sneak out tonight and force a chance encounter with her friend and the charming man across the hall. It was something that, as her friend said, she had to take a shot.

Daisy looked into her friends eyes. She could tell that Jenny wanted her to say something. Daisy blinked and said the only thing she knew to say in a time like this.