A Modern Fairy Tale: The Royal Wedding

The instantaneous nature of information available today makes the world seem to be an ever-shrinking place. Hillary Clinton wrote a book about it taking a village to raise a child. It seems as if it takes the global village to see a child married. Prince William, the oldest child of Prince Charles and Princess Diana appears to belong to all of us. The world attention paid to Diana’s death was a reflection both of her popularity and the need of the media to record every emotional detail for an enthralled audience. We took her motherless children into our lives and our hearts.

As an Adjunct Professor of Government, I often had a chance to compare our government with the parliamentary system of Great Britain. I’ve often thought that many Americans would rather have a King than a President; and, of course, many think that having a woman in that position (Queen) would be all right as long as she was a mere figurehead. William and Kate – our familiarity with them belies the pomp and ceremony we expect from the upcoming nuptials. Watching the changing of the guard in front of the ostentatious Buckingham Palace shows off the stiff correctness of the British in their official ceremonies. Spending time in London showed me the how Britons truly are concerned with the doings of the monarchy. They will naturally be watching what is an historic event; but I wonder how many of them will be like much of the rest of the world, particularly the females, enjoying the fantasy of Prince Charming finding true love with the commoner and living happily ever after.

With the explosion of the internet few will be able to escape the coverage. Online the BBC shows 3588 articles pertaining to the Royal Wedding. There are numerous sites devoted entirely to the event such as : www.officialroyalwedding2011.org/ . There is also Royal Wedding AOL on Twitter, and even a Royal Wedding 2011 iPad App. All of which promise to bring us every minute detail of our fairy tale come true.

According to the NBC News press release: Highlighting the powerful network television and digital synergies of NBCUniversal, NBC News and MSNBC will join msnbc.com, Access Hollywood, Bravo, E!, iVillage, Telemundo and The Weather Channel to provide a diverse array of programming options for its viewers. Online, today.com will be the source for Royal Wedding news and information, including archived coverage as well as new reports and interviews

Of course, even fairy tales are commercial these days. HRH Prince William of Wales and Miss Catherine Middleton, officially approved a set of commemorative items sold through the monarchy’s official online shop . That is a small part of the souvenir items, both official and unofficial, that are available from hundreds of sources. Scarcely a corner of the globe will be immune to this rampant selling of a dream; although I can’t quite grasp how having an official tankard or pillbox will bring me my own prince.