A Midnight Scare

The fearless pekingese was curled a the foot of the bed, turning off her senses for a long nights rest. Renee had snuggled deep under the covers, exhausted from a hard days work, and dreading getting up in the morning to repeat, what in her mind, was another boring day at the office. The only light in the house was from the nightlight in the hall, a little girlie looking Minnie Mouse covered one. It illuminated a small area with a light pink tint.

No sooner had her eyes closed then Monkeyface, her pekingese began to stir. Throwing off the endless grasp of sleep, trying to focus her mind, she heard a distinct sound of claws. Shaking her head she noticed her peke was pressed against the wall, and pulling a blanket over her head, as if to hide. Renee smirked at the little ball of fur, shaking her head gently at her antics.

Again she hears a light scraping sound, and furrowing her brow in concentration, realizes that it seems to be coming from inside the wall. Glancing towards her fearless peke, she sighs as all that she can see is a small tuft of fur. She pulls the covers off and lightly lands on the floor. The scraping sounds is getting louder, and the pink light from her night light is wobbling. She reaches over to the light switch, turns it on and is rewarded with a small pop, as her bedroom light blows.

Mumbling under her breath, she grabs her cell phone from the nightstand, turns it on and uses the light from the display to look for her flashlight. As she is rummaging through the nightstand looking for her flashlight, a loud thump is heard, the house gently shakes. She drops her phone and looks down the hall, and notices a black shape on the floor, and on the wall. Squinting her eyes, she notices the shape on the floor is part of her wall, and that there is something coming through the hole in the wall, blotting out the night light.

Panicking she reaches for her cell phone, determined to call 911, and watches in horror as the battery indicator blinks out, and her phone dies. She slowly shuts her door, sliding the nightstand over to brace against it, and retreats to her bed, shaking uncontrollably. She looks for her dog, and notices that she is still buried under the blanket.

Thump-thump, thump-thump, thump-thump comes the sound from the hall, as something large is moving slowly towards her door. A slight scraping of claws is heard on the floor, echoing throughout the empty house.

Renee is shaking uncontrollably, looking around desperately for anything with which she can defend herself. Behind her, there is a slight vibration reverberating through the wall. Her heart leaps to her throat, almost gagging her with fear. She grabs Monkeyface and moves towards the closet, catching in her peripheral vision something coming through the wall in her bedroom. The peke is trying to hide itself in her nightgown, but the lack of fabric makes the dog more frantic. A loud thump followed by a dragging sound indicated that whatever was previously in the hall, is now in her bedroom as well.

She reaches her closet and shuts the door behind her, desperately looking around for anything to protect herself with, when she notices the entrance to her attic above her. The attic! She had completely forgotten about it! If she could climb up there, she could escape through the other entrance in the garage, where her trusty car resided.

She laid the pekingese down and reached for the string to pull the ladder down. The noises in her bedroom are getting louder, and becoming closer to the closet. She hears a weird, guttural sound issuing from the mouths of the entities, as they communicate with each other. She pulls the ladder down and begins to climb to the attic, when she bumps an old box off the top of her shelf. Falling to the ground, opening on impact, a knife falls out of the box. Her heart stops as she remembers now the knife she bought at an auction last week. She reaches for the knife, but as her hand closes around the hilt, she becomes extremely cold, begins to hear strange noises, she views odd shapes and colors, and unknown ancient buildings flash before her eyes. She closes her eyes, trying desperately to focus on the here and now, and slips the knife into a slit in her gown. Upon releasing the hilt, the closet began to re-focus in her eyes, and she scampers for the attic.

Crawling across the attic she begins to hear more noises, feels a tremendous blast of heat, then realizes a dark shape begins to materialize in front of her. The shape begins to form from mist, into a nearly humanoid shape, glowing yellow eyes, a dark cloak flowing from the shoulders to the ground. Renee gasp in terror and scampers backwards a few feet.

The Figure steps towards her, points to the knife, and holds out its hand. The meaning is quite clear, and the flashing yellow eyes begin to pulse in time with her heartbeat. Faster, faster, faster it beats, as her terror is almost complete. Behind her, more shapes are coming through the ceiling, yet, she notices that there is something different about them.

The dark Figure takes another step forward, shaking its hand, demanding the knife. She starts to reach for it, and feels an icy hand clamp over her wrist. Screaming in terror she realized the two shapes which she was initially running from are now behind her, joined by thousands of faceless, dark shapes, surrounding her, holding her.

The humanoid steps forward, a crease in its face appears, in the location of a mouth on a person. Leering, showing sharp teeth it steps forward, its movement a shifting flowing blur as it plows through the shape holding her wrist. Snarls and cries of despair echo through the attic as the cloaked Figure faces the dark shapes. She realizes its attention is broken, and scampers for the exit over the garage. The Figure turns towards her, waves its hand and a blast of frigid, cold, despair washes over her. Her movements slow to a crawl as despair, fatigue, fatalism, sweep through her body. She feels a wet spot appear on her cheek, and her eyes slightly focus on Monkeyface. The peke gently licked her cheek, then turned and planted all eleven pounds of righteous fur between herself, the Figure, and the shapes. A tiny rumble of thunder erupted from the pekes throat, and Renee startled, having never heard her dog growl before, and was of the opinion she didn’t know how.

The Figure moved towards her, casually disregarding the peke, when Renee noticed the gleam of the knife in the dogs collar. Apparently it had slid down between the dog and the collar during her escape. The fierce peke lowered her head, and charge the Figure, sliding between its legs. The Figure gasped as it realized the dog was in possession of the knife, and turned rapidly for it. The pekingese, running low to the ground and with the speed of a champion, was five feet past the Figure and near the formless shapes before anybody realized it had moved. Sliding to a stop, the pekingese looked up at the first shape, the one who had grabbed Renee, and bowed his head. The formless shape reached for the knife, and the Figure began to scream unintelligible words.

The shapes gathered around the knife, and the knife began to rise through the air as more and more shapes merged, suspending the knife in the middle. The dark Figure reached for the knife, but at the moment of contact, a flash of light exploded from the knife, time was twisted, then frozen.

Renee found herself in a courtroom, filled with hundreds of people, whose clothes and appearances looked as if people from every age of time was present. The previous dark figure was shown bound in chains, and its appearance had become one of a demon of old. Tall and horned, a slight slump to its shoulders, dark wings protruding from its back, narrow, red hate filled eyes, with muscular arms ending in razor sharp claws.

Every person was walking by the demon, touching it. As their hand laid upon the demon a small orb of light wafted from the demon to them, and they faded out of sight, a content look on their face. A tall man, with long blond hair, dressed as a Roman Centurion approached Renee. Smiling, he held a hand out for her, and taking it she was filled with warmth, happiness, and a very drowsy, peaceful feeling.

“I can not say much, as you would not believe me; however I will say this. The knife that you purchased, was one that has been used for centuries for murder. The knife was possessed of a demon, one that lusted for blood, dismay, death. By allowing it to fall to mortal hands, and then be relinquished in an act of sacrifice, its power has been broken, and the souls it claimed are free to rest.”

Smiling, the man reached down and patted the pekingese.

Renee opened her mouth to speak, but before she could utter a word, sweet peaceful sleep overtook her.