A Message to the Survivors

Hi, I pray all of you had a blessed week and always remember if you are in a place where you are Loved, Honored and Respected could be a marriage, a job, a friendship, whatever it may be, STAY THERE, DO NOT BE TEMPTED AWAY, for this is a gift from God.

If you look carefully the stage is being set, ready for the tribulation, I remember when I was at work one day a customer came into the office and asked me if I heard what was happening in Egypt? I said no, he said the people have started a rebellion there, and this quickly spread to other areas like Libya and is spreading as we speak accross the middle east muslim nations. As for told in the Bible all of the middle east nations, enemies of Israel will surround them being led by Russia to attack Israel.

Think about how quickly this has happened and how it seemed to appear out of nowhere. The stage is being set, the players are almost ready, but there are still some thing left to happen before the tribulation, which is the Rapture where all the true believers will meet our Lord Jesus in the Heavens in the blinking of an eye. First Thessalonians Chapter 4 para 16-17.

But this is a just a part of the message Earth Survivors when you see millions of people disappear with no logical reason take notice. Some survivors will try to come up with a logical reason as to where these people went but if you read this you will know.

The next thing a leader will come on the scene claiming he can bring peace to the world, who will be severely wounded but will survive and he will have with him a speaker who will lay claim that the man that was wounded and survived is God, the masses will worship him and he will do what appears to be miracles and will want an image of himself made and those that will not worship this man will face death and he will request everyone to receive a mark on their right hand or forehand the number 666. Revelations chapter 13 para 1-18

What to look for also survivors are the two Prophets that will come and prophesy a thousand two hundred and threescore days clothed in sackcloth. When they have finished their mission they will be killed for all the world to see and they will rise again in three an 1/2 days and assend to Heaven which all of those who rejoiced in the their death will also see them rise. Revelations Chapter 11 para 3-12

This I take from the Bible itself and write for the survivors of the Rapture, those left behind, so you will know what to look for. It still will not be to late to accept Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ as your Savior, reject the mark of the beast accept Jesus and you will still be saved.

I can somewhat understand you being an unbeliever but don’t be a fool, when you witness these happenings accept Jesus. Again this is a message for the survivors.

Have a blessed week. If the Lord willing speak with you soon.