A Machiavellian in Arizona

Judging by her actions, you can tell she has never been inside a jail cell or a legitimate prison setting. Her power has incarcerated many men and women and put them away for long times of misery and sorrow but never once did this person ask the right questions from her loyal staff why she is imprisoning so many souls inside her state and what are the consequences for doing so. Taking advice from her closest allies and those who run the jails and prisons, she must wonder how she has made it this far without her conscience catching up with her about what she is doing to break up families and mistreating the mentally ill without a second thought even though her own son suffers from a mental illness and is kept out of sight and out of mind in the state psychiatric hospital in Phoenix. Today, many men and women are dying inside Arizona prisons because of the way the state runs these penitentiaries into the ground and allowing predatory prisoners kill and conquer those that are weaker and unable to defend themselves.

Thinking back since she took the reigns of this cruel and unjust government of Arizona, it must be reassuring that she is told that many are counting on her to liberate the state from free loaders and illegal immigrants. The message carried by her constituents aren’t heard as the influence and the power of those advocating more incarceration, more arrests, more detention and more law enforcement on those who are the poor and unable to afford legitimate legal help to fight their accusations. Taking from the poor to fund the rich and the growing prisons, she has established a reputation that is above all of those of the times.

Perhaps now would be a good time to lay low and let the marbles roll where they may. The fact is, the inland empire of Arizona is about to crumble within the next two years and those who spent the last five years building it are about to be kicked out of office through recalls or upcoming elections.

Arizona citizens, looking for the sunset to change the view a bit, realize it’s time to change directions and if she ignored their pleas to listen to the people that are crying out for fairness and justice, her fate is doomed. It is also likely that once the private prison scheme goes dry and more money is to be made from this enterprise, she will move to another state and enjoy her riches. Until then, she must learn to keep her head down and stay out of reach of those activists that are seeking her removal from office based on incompetence, corruptive tactics and unusual and cruel punishment to those she has denied health care for in the cutbacks on organ transplants and health care.

If she would have carefully followed the rules and given more attention to her critics she would not be so insecure about her ability to remain and continue her reign of power inside this state. Time will tell if she is safe and secure in her government ways and if for some reason she can sustain the term, it is likely she will not be re-elected by the people who have grown to hate everything she has stood for since she took office. Although she once captured their allegiance and loyalty, the faith in her has dissipated and has resulted in thoughts of anarchy and revolution. Keeping her Capitol policemen close by her side, she is locking doors and closing halls to keep those who oppose her far and away from her eyes and ears to make believe that all is well inside the inland empire she helped create.