A Look into Obama Presidency Expectations and the Role His Critics Played

Presidential elections are more than a year away, but the media is already buzzing with news flash on presidential hopefuls. President Obama is seeking a second term, following a very controversial first term. It is not clear what kind of strategy his opponents will use, owing to some significant failures and anti ‘” American policies championed by some of them

Elections over the past years have been known to be gruesome as presidential hopefuls tear each other with a hope to gain political advantage. Airwaves get saturated with commercials and advertisements highlighting the policies of ‘˜would be presidents or congressmen,’ as well as pick on even the most insignificant details of the opposing candidates. Race has never topped as an issue of utmost importance until the year 2008 when Obama poised as a strong African American candidate who easily toppled Hillary Clinton and eventually John McCain to become the 44th president of United States. His run for presidency awakened the massively depressed issue of race, posing questions such as, “Is America ready for a first African American President?” It was a historic night when the President won the elections and hope was reborn in America. Many thought that his election would heal the scars of many who have suffered racism in one form or another, and African Americans were more enthusiastic that they will finally be awarded their rightful place in corporate America.

Little did anybody anticipate that Obama’s critics would come back strongly and use his birth certificate issue to hit back, which indirectly invoked race arguments. Socialism was an easy topic, with claims that Obama is linked communism and is out to derail the country. For the African Americans, Many got the feeling of confusion, desolate and impatient when the economy failed to make a quick turn. One Obama supporter expressed her disappointment, saying that she is tired of defending the president from his critics. The state of economy has greatly improved irrespective of the pessimistic views aired in every television and radio outlets and it is becoming clear that it will be issue number one in campaign strategies. Obama has managed to accomplish a number of his agendas and promises he made and hopes to use his accomplishments to push for a second term.

Possibly, his party’s loss in the midterm election might have given him a competitive advantage over his opponents, owing to the fact that the Republicans midterm strategy is backfiring on them. More to his advantage is the issue of birther bill dominating the news with Donald Trump as the main spokesman, who never failed to highlight his net worth. He managed to squash the birther issue by finally producing a copy of his birth certificate, denying his critics a chance to distract attention to the main issues. The political environment is more polarized and it is unclear the direction the country will take. However, it is clear that the republicans will have a difficult election and fail to get to White House. Their proposed cuts in Medicare and Medicaid are increasingly growing unpopular as seniors, as well as future recipients of Medicare benefits fear the worst from this bill.