A Look at the MacBook Pro in 2011

The MacBook Pro had been first released in 2006, updating the PowerBook G4. Ever since then it has advanced rapidly in order to meet the requirements of professionals who need to have a powerful portable computer. The newest release, called the Apple MacBook Pro Winter 2011, represents a significant improvement in several important characteristics.

The Pros

Speed has been enhanced tremendously with the new “Sandy Bridge” generation of Intel Core i processors. The 13-inch model was given a substantial processor upgrade going from the old Core 2 Duo processor to a rather fast Intel Core i5 2620M. 15-inch and 17-inch models will have quad-core power which is needed for running high-end software programs like Final Cut Pro and Adobe Photoshop efficiently.

Although 4 GB is the minimum memory shipped, you can obtain up to 16 GB for an additional cost. Graphics is the most demanding use of these kinds of systems, and the AMD Radeon HD 6490M enables them to set new speed records. For the most demanding consumers, the Radeon HD 6750M may be put in as an alternative. Switchable graphics remains to be in so the life of the computers battery for normal usage remains lengthy as it uses the integrated Intel HD Graphics 3000. The brand new MacBook Pros virtually scream in just about every speed test.

The connection for the Apple LED Cinema Display has been enhanced to a new technology as well. The newest MacBook Pros are employing Intel’s new Thunderbolt interface in order to further enhance overall performance and flexibility. Together with speeds up to 12 times faster as opposed to the old FireWare 800 interface, high capacity hard drives will finally get the performance boosts that they need for professionals to transfer considerable amounts of data. It’s also flexible enabling devices to daisy-chain off of a single Thunderbolt channel without having performance degradation.

The brand new MacBook Pros also come with an all new model of built in webcam, the FaceTime HD camera. This allows video telephone calls to be made with those supported devices in decent 720p resolution.


Just one major portion which hasn’t been improved however, is the battery, which means it will now last a shorter period of time between charges. Don’t be too concerned though, because it still lasts a respectable seven hours with wireless turned on. The MacBook Pro 13-inch in addition receives a small downgrade as it makes use of the Intel integrated graphics without an AMD or NVIDIA counterpart. Video gaming performance is a tad slower though the Intel HD 3000 graphics is so much better than previous generations plus, it is just as efficient.


The criteria for the high-end notebook category have been considerably improved with the launch of the MacBook Pro 2011 models. You can be certain that your new model is able to run next generation software programs without any strain.