A Look at the Aries Zodiac Sign

Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac calendar and is also associated with new beginnings. The ram is know for its zest for life and “go hard or go home” type approach towards everything they do. Everyone remembers the moon landing and Neil Armstrong, which is also an Aries, stepping out onto the dusty surface of the moon venturing bravely into the unknown in which no man had gone before. This is a distinct quality founding the ram. Aries is a fire sign and are known for their energy and passion. Their upbeat magnetic personality seems to leave lasting impressions and brings joy into others lives. On a darker note, they are also know for their quick temper and lashing out, saying things at first impulse then regretting them later after they have had time to think about what has happened. That impulsive nature gives them the boldness to take on different projects without giving them much thought, and you will never find one Aries that regrets it, even if things don’t work out.

Those under this sign aren’t very good followers. Being the first sign of the zodiac, they are natural born leaders. Many rams don’t take orders very well, so you will often find them in a position of power and authority. Their natural “go getter” nature often leads to them becoming impatient when it comes to working with other that are working a pace that is too slow for their liking. At times and Aries can become stubborn when directed to do something that doesn’t make any since to them and are often labeled difficult to work with. When this sign doesn’t get their way, they can often become moody and some might even throw tantrums. If you ever find yourself in and argument with an Aries, you might as well save your breath, because the ram is always going to get the last word.

This sign is known for being generous and protective when it come to their friends. They have a upbeat inviting spirit that makes others feel comfortable around them and are often big talkers themselves. The ram has a tendency to speak its mind and be very blunt, not purposely hurting others feelings that they are talking to. Aries also make very loving and devoted parents. They are the type to lay their own life on the line so that their loved ones can live on.

Aries are fearless and their emotions are genuine, which makes them awful liars, in which most cases people see right through them. This sign runs the risk of occasionally pushing themselves beyond the limits of which their bodies can handle. The fire that an Aries embraces life with, leaves them destined for great things as long as they can stay focused and determined.