A Look at Some of the Highly Anticipated Role-Playing Games Coming Out in 2011

The role-playing game genre is perhaps more popular than it ever has been, after many great RPGs were released in 2010. 2011 looks to continue this trend, with the following highly anticipated games that are sure to keep RPG lovers busy all year long.

The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings – May 2011

The first Witcher game, released in 2007, was known for its mature themes and morality choices that were more shades of gray than the normal black and white choices found in most games. The sequel boasts a new graphics engine and a redesigned combat system. This will come as good news for the people that found the combat system in the first game to be clunky.

Fable 3 on PC – May 2011

PC gamers will finally get the chance to play Fable 3, which had generally favorable reviews when it was released in October of last year on Xbox 360. Perhaps at some point Fable 2 will be ported to the PC so that PC gamers can play all 3 games in the Fable trilogy, but nothing has been announced in this regard as of yet.

Torchlight 2 – July 2011

The first Torchlight came out in October of last year, looking and playing like a pretty clone of the first Diablo. The only real glaring omission from the game was a complete lack of multiplayer, although this will be rectified in the sequel. Other improvements in the sequel include four character classes, multiple hub towns, and a longer campaign.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – November 2011

The next installment in the hugely successful Elder Scrolls series, Skyrim will not just be a prettier version of its predecessor Oblivion. In addition to the graphical improvements, Skyrim will also use an upgraded AI system that lets the NPCs offer side-quests that are dynamically altered based on the player’s actions and ability choices. Another cool feature will be the player’s ability to acquire dragon shouts, which are powerful skills gained by defeating dragons. Hopefully there will not be any ridiculous Horse Armor DLC like there was in Oblivion.

Diablo 3 – Late 2011?

There has been no release date set as of yet for Diablo 3, the next game in the wildly popular Diablo series. The legions of fans are still hoping and praying for it to come out this year, as it has been ten long years since Diablo 2 came out. Blizzard may be known for taking forever to release their games, but they are also known for the massive amount of polish and quality in each of their games.