A. London Arrington: Dirty Jazz

Who, meeee? That was the question only the air around me heard the first time I heard this man sing “My Funny Valentine”, the classic song introduced by Mitzi Green in the Broadway musical Babes in Arms in 1937.

Listening to the vocal performance of A. London Arrington was like when you go to an art museum and it seems as though the portrait that has caught your attention is drawing you inside the canvas with the subject’s eyes. Eyes that seem to follow you wherever you go. This is how his voice draws you inside the song.

Arrington’s smooth vocals which are reminiscent of great performers such as Marvin Gaye, takes hold of the ebb and flow of a composition and proceeds to do a vocal Black Swan filled with improvisation.

His musical talents have been able to flourish with the guidance and support of composer/musician/vocalist Wycliffe Gordon. Arrington has shared the stage with celebrated musicians perfecting his individual style of classic jazz, pop standards and original work.

He showcases his original work dubbed Dirty Jazzwith his band of the same name. The Dirty Jazz band mixes an intoxicating blend of Soul, Classic Jazz and Hip-Hop.

This group of musicians led by Arrington is not only focused on entertaining. As a unit they have started what you could call an educational movement spanning 5 southeastern states. This movement is a mentoring program referred to as Operation Elevate.Operation Elevate utilizes music and the arts to motivate students to achieve academic excellence.

It has been said that certain genres of music are either dead or on their way out the door. Well, if that is indeed a true statement, I think we may be witnessing the birth of a new one…Dirty Jazz.

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