A Little Time in the Park

Ice cream men and trips to the beach do not amaze me. They seem so petty to my favorite activity in the summer. Not even Independence day or if you are a Muslim (like I am), Ramadan, these are not even close to my favorite activity in the summer. I know, I probably have people guessing all these random things about what my favorite thing about summer is. So what is it, what makes my summer so grand? It is spending time in the park with my family.

Most parks do not a have a petting zoo, ours does. This is what brings me to my knees, the cute little animals that make this world such a better place. The way the kids around the neighborhood, or visiting their grandparents, learn is just awe-inspiring. Most children never get to see a degu up close, or have a chance to pet a tortoise. Last year was my first time seeing little white arctic arctic foxes (I am assuming they are arctic foxes). Even as an adult the learning experiences at the park do not seem too ends.

After the fun time looking at animals, I step into the nostalgia void with my step daughter. I see her playing at the playground, swinging, sliding down the slide or even just running around. It brings back memories I would cherish forever. The park I went to as a child is now hours away, and no longer exists.

How many friends my step-daughter makes never ceases to amaze me. As I keep my distance I realize she’s doing exactly what I used to, playing with the neighborhood kids with no fear with all her energy, something I tend to lack, because I am getting older. Standing my distance I again go back to the times when I was young, playing on the swings with other kids, yelling form one end of the park to the other thinking my parents could hear what I was able to say, when I know they could not they were just watching me enjoy myself.

I am not saying ice cream, beaches, and swimming are not fun. They are, but they are not my cup of tea, okay beach water scares me horribly. I used to have a fear of fish so walking to the beach and seeing dead fish scattering the land, well you get the point. I will not swim, or care to swim around those flipity flopity things. But ice cream, I would agree to have an ice cream anytime, it just does not bring me to the summer time and I cannot call it a hobby or even a favorite thing about the summer time.

As one could plainly see, scraped knees from riding a bike, fishing, and ice cream are not what gets my heart pounding about the summer time. It is the closeness to my family and spending time with nature in the park. This will always be my favorite activity as long as I shall live.