A-Listers Going Cuckoo for Coco

What do Madonna, Demi Moore, Gwyneth Paltrow and Matthew McConaughey all have in common? A new fitness guru? A new hairstylist? How about a new drink? That’s right. The A-listers and many more have sworn by the beneficial effects of coconut water. The new sports drink in Hollywood is making celebrities like Courteney Cox to Sienna Miller cuckoo for coco.

The buzz around the hip drink is deeply rooted to Brazilian tradition. Ask its native women what they cherish most about their country and they’ll answer unequivocally, “agua de coco.” A common staple among its citizens, coconut water can be bought in restaurants, stores and on beaches. Even street vendors sell the soothing, nature-made concoction in rampant succession during Brazil’s blistering summer months. Everywhere and anywhere, the cool, invigorating drink is available to almost anyone walking the streets. Is it any wonder why Brazilians are considered to be some of the most beautiful people on the face of this planet?

Coconut water is reported to have phenomenal hydrating properties and is considered to be one of the most nutritious drinks in the world. In fact, Daily Mail reported a group of studies done on post-exercise hydration in Malaysia using water, popular sports drinks and coconut water. The results yielded an astounding conclusion: coconut water has twice as much re-hydrating power when compared to any other drink. This of course is all due to the mineral found in coconut water: potassium. As reported by Daily Mail, a serving of 100ml (3.38 oz) of coconut water has more potassium needed for muscle and brain function than two bananas. This mineral is important in keeping the cells hydrated-especially after a back-breaking workout!

Not only does nature’s wondrous potion leave cells hydrated, but also combats tough infections, including fungal, bacterial and viral. There have also been some reports that this powerful medley of minerals and nutrients can substitute blood plasma because of its similar pH level.

Celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow swear by its clairvoyant properties. The blond, lissom beauty and other A-list heavyweights credit their slim figures to the trendy drink because it makes them feel satiated. Other celebrities have used the drink to recover from grueling workouts in view of its low sugar and caloric content.

In light of all the Hollywood hoopla, one may question the flavor of coconut water-not to be confused with coconut milk. In stark contrast to it’s creamy, milky counterpart made with the pulp of the fruit, the thin liquid base, surrounding the embryo of the fruit, has caused some debates as to what it really tastes like. Some swear that the fruit’s water has a sharp metallic aftertaste while others claim that it is as sweet as nectar. Whatever the case, one cannot argue the validity of its nutritional influence and its hydrating potency as it continues to create Hollywood buzz.