A Kitchen Gadget that Helps Prepare Tea the Right Way

Drinking Tea

I was born and grew up drinking tea in the Far East.

And while tea may have a totally different meaning now that I have been living in the United States, I still enjoy mine in a cup. And yes, I am aware that am being Taxed Enough Already, if you are into that kind or cup of tea.

Water Temperature Affects Tea Flavor

I have known for some time that different kinds of tea should be soaked not only for different lengths of time but also in different temperatures.

But how do you that in the comfort of your home, when all you have is a regular water kettle or the microwave?

So most times, I have just steeped mine in hot, newly boiled or scalding water. And go by trial and error.

Now after drinking and “enjoying” many different kinds of tea, I am almost ashamed to say that I never have really savored the right taste or the right flavor of the different kinds of tea I have made myself and sipped for close to 40 years.

Enter the Cuisinart PerfecTemp Cordless Electric Kettle

Back in the day we didn’t have any fancy kitchen gadget. We didn’t even have the internet or mobile phones or sms and apps to overload us with information we will never need.

But we did boil water and soak tea on them for different lengths of time. Or we brew coffee. But I wasn’t much of a coffee drinker. Of course we could always go to Starbucks or the local Tea House.

Then one day about a month ago, I brewed a cup of tea using a kitchen gadget sitting on our kitchen counter for over six months but I haven’t used before.

On the handle it shows the kind of tea and the temperature it will steep it in. It wasn’t hard to figure out. And I wanted to slap myself that I didn’t use this kettle much earlier.

The Right Water Temperature for the Right Tea

If you can actually control the temperature of the water you will soak your tea in, then here is what this particular electric kettle recommends:

160 degrees for Delicate Tea,
175 degrees for Green Tea,
185 degrees for White Tea,
190 degrees for Oolong Tea,
200 degrees for French Press (or Loose Leaf Tea), and
Boiling temperature for Black Tea.

Other teas, such as Red Tea, Pu-erh Tea, Jasmine Tea, Herbal Tea or even the English Teas, I am pretty sure all I needed to do was read the manual, but I am not that much of a manual reader.

Perfect Tea Each Time

Now, needless to say, I never prepared my tea any other way after that, But instead I use this particular Tea Kettle each and every time.

And now finally I have been enjoying the real flavors of all the different kinds of teas.

So if you are an occasional or a novice tea drinker, or if you have always found your tea to be either too bitter or too bland, then I recommend you try soaking the right tea at the right temperature.

And you can easily do that when you get yourself a Cuisinart PerfecTemp Cordless Electric Kettle or something similar.

And who knows you might just be a tea drinker and you just don’t know it yet.

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Cuisinart PerfecTemp Teakettle

This is the stovetop version. The Perfect Temperature Control Precise temperature gauge indicates the correct water temperature to provide the ideal cup of tea or coffee.

White and green teas should be brewed at steaming (150 – 190° F), Oolong teas at a light boil (165 – 190° F), and black teas should be brewed at a rolling boil. With the temperature gauge right on the side of the kettle, you’ll never be unsure of the correct brewing temperature again!

Source: Cuisinart.com