A Jazzy Accident

What do Disney movies, celebrity gossip, and chocolate have in common? They are all things we love, find pleasure in, and turn to during the lulls of life. They entertain, distract, and lift our spirits. If you have not seen or heard about the Double Dream Hands phenomena staring John Jacobson, then you are missing out on life’s other guilty pleasure.

Born and raised in Blaire, Wisconsin, John grew up among a family of teachers and educators. John describes the desire to teach as, “the disease in our family.” With an inherent love of music, dance, and children, it was only natural for John to find himself as a music educator for elementary school students.

Throughout his career, he has choreographed hundreds of performances for children, composed many musical and choral works, held numerous workshops for teachers and students, and countless other projects. However, of these projects on his to-do list, “get famous on You Tube” was never one of them.

The Double Dream Hands video, John’s claim to fame, is but one sample work from a collection of many other videos available at John Jacobson’s Music Express Magazine. In just three short months, the video received over 2.39 million views on You Tube. There is even an iPhone application where fans can upload a picture of themselves doing the Double Dream Hands dance! “All this buzz is a complete shock to me and totally out of the blue,” said John. He mentioned how he recently met a business man his mid-thirties who exclaimed that him and his friends get together and do the Double Dream Hands dance almost every night. “I believe the video has caught on because it gives adults a chance to get in touch with the kid inside of them. It lightens up their world, even if for a brief moment. The world can be sour and it is a good outlet for adults to get to laugh at themselves.”

As an extension of the positive energy and influence of the video, John is also preparing for the release of his new book, Double Dreams: Living a Life of Glee, Harmony and, Oh Yes… Jazz Hands!, which will be released at the end of May.Although not the first book he has written, John sees this as an opportunity to use the warm and happy feelings of the Double Dream Hands video to reach a larger audience. With a collection of heartwarming stories, John’s new book will allow him to show people the truths that you learn with music: honesty, courage, passion, and respect. “Singing, dancing, and moving around is really good for kids. With so many children in America fighting child obesity, adults need to encourage kids to express themselves using physical activity.” The beautiful thing about music and dance, compared to some sports, is that no child need to sit on the bench.

Double Dreams: Living a Life of Glee, Harmony and, Oh Yes… Jazz Hands!, is not only beneficial to children, but adults as well. The book will inspire all readers to live a life of balance, genuine concern for others, and a desire to create a more harmonious world. What is John’s secret to being happy everyday? “No one can be unhappy when surrounded by a group of great 3rd graders!”

Recently on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, John had a blast performing the Double Dream Hands dance with her staff as Ellen’s surprise birthday gift. However, not all of John’s press has been positive and he explains that, “there is a fine line between fun and humiliating.” Regardless, John is loving his 15 minutes of fame and is going to make the most of it. “If some kids or adults can benefit from my ridicule, than it is all more than worth it.”

In addition to the release of his new book, John also has a line of in-home fitness videos coming out targeted towards adults and families. It will be entitled, Double Dream Hands: Songs for Fun and Fitness and will feature 8 to 10 choreographed dances that are easy and fun to learn. He would also love to guest star on Saturday Night Live and there is currently an online movement to get him a guest appearance on the hit show Glee.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to have fun with life. Let John dance his way to your heart!