A Japanese Horror Tradition: 100 Ghosts Night

Japan has many horror stories; and also retains many mysterious traditions. It is indeed the capital of horror stories of Asia, and many such traditions remain today.

Here is a very well documented and known Japanese horror tradition ‘” which is translated as “100 Ghosts Night”

The legend started as early as in the 15th century, and this legend has passed on into 21st century.

The legend is: If you want to encounter supernatural spirits, you have to finish 100 ghost stories; and each time you finish a story, you must also light up a candle. At the end of 100th ghost stories, something will happen and what will happen depends on your own circumstances.

The theory is that by the time you finish the 100th ghost story; the gate to hell will open; and the ghosts will come out from the hell. There are other theories that it is used to make wishes; especially evil wishes where you need helps from the ghosts.

Whatever the theory is, this has gained popularity in Japan over the past 10 years since the horror story made its comeback after the successful TV & movie series “The Ring”; which was then remade by the Hollywood featured Naomi Watts.

A lot of people have since tried this exercise; usually in groups; as you had to finish all the 100 horror stories between 12am and the dawn. Several mysterious events did happen as the result of these, although the police usually explained them as psychological reasons instead of mysterious reasons.

One student was part of the group who was conducting this experiment; he went to the toilet and never came back. The found his body the next morning in the toilet, the police explained the toilet door was broken at the time. The student got frightened from listening to the horror stories on the night and tried to force himself out of the toilet and died from shock.

Another interesting story was from a group of university students who were also conducting this experiment. Nothing happened at the end of the experiment; so they agreed to do some fishing at the nearby coast; where they had caught more than 100 fish within 30 minutes; but later they found out it was caused by a dead body floating onshore which had attracted a lot of fish.

The last story was the most mysterious of the all. One student decided to try the whole experiment by himself. This means, he would read out 100 horror stories to himself; and the candles. He locked himself inside his bedroom in Tokyo; and conducted the experiment on one night. He had disappeared in the room while the room is still locked from inside.

There are thousands of urban legends and ghost stories in Japan, with many unable to explain from scientific angle. This is the one I have always remembered ‘” but it is something I will never dare to try.