A.J. And Christina Both Out of “Tough Enough”

As the competition dwindles down, the field of contestants are getting smaller and smaller on the show, Tough Enough. After the accident involving the sprained ankle that Christina sustained on the show, the only bodies that were one-hundred percent healthy were A.J., Andy, Luke, and Jeremiah.

In an unpredictable turn of events, Christina returned back to the competition. This made A.J. depressed, as most people say that it was his mistake that lead to Christina’s unfortunate ankle injury. Stone Cold announced that the week’s theme was going to be Charisma. This was mainly going to see how the final contestants could speak in front of an audience. For a wrestler, this is critical to be able to master, as cutting promos are key.

Luckily, at the time, for Christina, the daily training portion of the week was the only thing that she had to miss. As her ankle was still sprained and was in a bucket of ice as the other competitors performed a few move sets inside the ring. A.J. was still struggling, however, because according to Stone Cold, he performed a double drop toe hold, which was a move that he never seen before. Jeremiah, had a couple of bumps in his performance, where he was resorting back to his MMA experience inside the ring. The trainers told him that he wasn’t relaxed while executing the moves on his opponent. Meanwhile, Andy and Luke, hit the “Sweet Spot”, as they were rewarded with a group hug after their performance inside the ring. At the end of daily training, the day went extremely well.

The five remaining contestants had to guide a ten minute tour through the Hollywood walk of fame, for this week’s life lesson exercise of the contest. While giving an informative vocal description of the historical landmarks throughout the area. Jeremiah, in the end of the tour, was declared the winner.

Finally, came the skills challenge, where the contestants had to cut a two minute promo, inside the ring. The winner was A.J., who was praised for his way of delivering the facts that was given to him throughout the duration of the contest up to that point. The Rock, who was a special guest, told A.J. that he won.

Andy, Christina, and A.J. was announced as the bottom three of the week. Andy, aka Silent Rage, wasn’t too happy being among the bottom three. With a few back-and-forth between the three with Stone Cold, his verdict was to eliminated both A.J. and Christina from competition. But not before he put some passion inside Andy, the sole survivor of the three on the chopping block for that week.

Now, the competition gets down to the final three, Andy, Luke, and Jeremiah.