A Husband or a Baby What Choice Would You Make

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Conclusion of the Divorce and Infertility series

Life issues, especially family issues, hit at the heart of everyone and affects their mental health in either a positive or negative way. This series will deal with the case histories of two Montreal women working for the same company in Montreal. Both of these ladies whose names have been changed to protect their privacy have different family issues, yet their pain is just as deep. One woman is deeply suffering from the inability to have a child, while the other woman has just come out of a divorce.

Montrealers, like women everywhere have different priorities

This series is written not to pass judgment on anyone, but to show the lives of two Montreal women working together with vary different priorities wanting what was not possible for either one of them at the time.

Case History of Catherine from Montreal interviewed by this examiner ‘” she tells her story in her own words

My First Christmas in the Claims Department story

I don’t know if Lise was ever successful in having a child, I did leave the insurance company and never stayed in contact. Throughout the years I thought about her and how the only thing I wanted at that time was a man in my life and the only thing she wanted was a baby. Her final remarks she made to me after coming back from the hospital were,” I would give up my husband whom I love with all my heart, if it came to a choice between being married and having my own child. I don’t want some other woman’s egg for my husband’s sperm to fertilize, I don’t want to adopt someone else’s baby, I just want my own child, my own blood, nothing more, nothing less.” I had my baby but no husband, she had a loving husband but no baby, our situations were reversed but boy did we understand each other’s pain.

Some divorce counseling services in Montreal

Montreal Therapy Center

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West Island Counselling Center

Jewish Divorce help Line

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