A Heart-Warming Story

A boy was leaning against a fence kicking some gravel, bored on a hot humid August afternoon. He heard a click-clack coming up towards him and looked. He saw a big yellow dog trotting up the sidewalk tail wagging, and panting.

The boy looked at the dog and the dog in response cocked its head regarding the boy curiously. A pat on the head
was exchanged as the dog continued its trot down the sidewalk, tail wagging, panting loudly. The boy continued leaning against the fence, and spent the rest of the day doing nothing. Hands in his pockets and quite disappointed in himself for wasting a precious summer day walked home.

The next day the boy was walking around town and bought some sunflower seeds. He decided to sit down on a bench at the park. While he was eating a big brown nose popped out from below him. He looked down to meet two brown eyes patiently expecting a little nibble. The boy gave him a seed and petted the dog, losing some of his loneliness with every scratch of the fur. Seeing he was receiving no further treats the dog continued on his way, tail wagging, tongue panting.

The boy watched him go with a sad expression, he never really had company before outside of his home. He was a shy kid and in general other kids just ignored him. The next day the boy immediately went to town hall and shyly sat down waiting for a good time to approach the clerk. The clerk quite impatient exclaimed “What do you have to say boy come here and spit it out.” The boy slowly walked over his head down the only thing keeping him from walking away being the happiness he had felt being with the dog. He quietly said “has there been reports of a lost yellow dog?” “Speak up!” was his response. He gathered up his confidence and said a little louder, “Has there been reports of a lost yellow dog?” The clerk rolled her eyes and walked over to a tall, grand bookshelf filled with all sorts of files and binders. She looked picked one out, shuffled through the pages and said, “No.” The boy, filled with immense relief quickly walked out of the room.

He returned to the park armed with a small biscuit and patiently awaited a click-clack, praying he would show up.
Sure enough the dog came trotting down the walk in the park, his sniffing with his nose straight in the air. The boy
gave the biscuit to the dog and petted him. The dog, fully trusting this boy rolled over and let him scratch his belly. This was all the dog needed to understand that they were great friends. The boy returned home with the dog following right behind him.