A Healthy Living Zero Budget Gift that Saves You Tens of Thousands

Can a zero budget gift actually be real and start to save you money long term? When it comes to this economy, it can seem like there is no way to afford Christmas gifts, a Father’s Day present, or something special for birthdays. If your budget is at zero and you don’t know how to make crafts, there is one solution that works so well it will save you tens upon thousands of dollars over a life time. What could the ultimate budget gift be that can is absolutely stunning, free, and generates money over time. Is this a gimmick? Hardly.

When Life Gives You Lemons, Make A Zero Budget Gift

By the end of this article, you will be creating a memorable certificate as a budget gift. However, instead of “free hugs” or an I.O.U., take this idea seriously. With pen in hand, make a list of your negative eating habits. Do you love to eat cake too much? Has someone suggested that you need to consume less caffeine or flour? Is there a new health problem in your family that you want to support such as a low sodium diet?

Everyone usually has one eating habit area to work on and this is the gift you will be giving to your friend or family. This gift will say that you are promising to do one healthy eating habit as their present. Despite its simplicity, there are a still a few tips that you need to know about making the correct health promise. You will also need to be aware that this gift is a long term money generator.

How A Zero Budget Gift Generates Cash

In this country, so many people are unhealthy. Over time, this generates huge medical bills, loss of ability, and the sadness of enduring a premature death. In lieu of giving a gift that is forgotten, making a promise to change an eating habit is good for everyone involved. Plus, it shows the other person that you are dedicated to staying strong, healthy, and an active part of life.

These goals are always beneficial to those people that love you and want to make sure you stick around on this planet as long as possible. In other words, a health promise as a gift is not only free, but it also generates money saving long term by avoiding doctor’s bills.

Do Not Over-Do It With The Budget Gift Promises

As a personal suggestion, please don’t over do it with the promise to change something about your diet or health. Stick with something that you can actually do. For example, if you drink too much coffee, your promise should be to restrict to something reasonable for you to accomplish. If you drink 6 cups a day, make a promise that you are going to make sure you only drink 5 per day for a whole month.

While drinking 5 cups of coffee a day may still be absurd, by restricting, you are showing that you are making a real effort to do something that is difficult for you. Also, having health habits on your mind regularly is itself a promoted health habit in the US.

Budget Gift Health Promises To Avoid

Overall, you should be promising not to do something that is already generally accepted as a bad health habit. In other words, you won’t die if you eat two salads a week instead of a full burger meal with fries at your local fast food joint. However, if you start heavily restricting calories and food groups, you are making going too far with your health promise. For example, ideas like losing weight might seem like a positive place to start, but this requires a lot of extra trips to the doctor.

Gathering Ideas For Your Zero Budget Health Promise Gift

Thankfully, there are many lists available that discuss top ten health habits, health habits that age you, and tips for kids. By using the lists, you can get ideas for this gift, but you also gather information for starting health conversations for people in your own life. While you can make a gift for someone else, don’t forget that you can also ask for this gift. If someone you love needs to make better health choices, suggesting you would like a health promise budget gift from them is a great way to start communicating around positive health habits.

Tip: Always be sure to consult your doctor before you make any changes to your diet or workout routine!

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