A Guy’s Guide to the Top 10 Road Trip Albums of All Time

Five years of the open road gives a person plenty of time to listen to music, talk radio and other things, but sometimes there just isn’t anything to listen to… particularly in long stretches of open road. I have compiled this list based on what I like, and what I have found to keep my passengers entertained. I hope you agree.

1)The Doors greatest hitsLA Women, Roadhouse Blues, Break on through to the Other side and Light my Fire. This compilation screams road trip… With a little something for everyone and hours of good music. This album is a must have for any road trip.

2)Stadium Arcadium by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. A double album that you can listen to from start to finish. The Red Hot Chili Peppers hit it out of the park with this double disk album that has hits as well as many other great songs that seamlessly flow together, perfect for killing time and setting a calm mood for everyone.

3)Future Sex Love Sounds by Justin Timberlake. need a change of pace or mood in the vehicle? Looking to groove on the open road? Bringin Sexy back with JT. Top 40ish enough for the pop lovers in the car, edgy and groovy enough to suck in the rest of the passengers. Gotta love how Timberlake gets it done on this one.

4) Encore by Eminem. Who doesn’t like Eminem? Someone in your vehicle a little close minded? What rock have they been living under? Why not open their mind and have them listen to one of our most influential artists of the century?

5) Raptrax 2 by various artists. Before Much Dance there was Awesome Hits, before Awesome hits there was Raptrax. Raptrax 2 was released in 1988 and included classic hip artists like LL COOL J, Slick Rick, Young MC, The Fresh Prince & Tone Loc ? What better way to lift the mood in the car then by rockin out to Busta Move or Funky Cold Medina?

6) Awesome Hits 1990 by Various Artists. Filled with rockin tunes from the likes of Marky Mark & The Funky Bunch, Tom Cochrane, Jesus Jones, Naughty by Nature & Amy Grant. Awesome Hits was & is truly awesome. Get the Good Vibrations going cuz Life is a Highway… especially on the open road.

7) Can you say Sublime? I know I can. Truly one of the best albums I have ever heard… period. Slightly controversial, always a good listen. Songs like Santeria & the Wrongway will have you singing along right through past your destination.

8)Up to Here by the Tragically Hip. If you haven’t already you really need to get into the Tragically Hip. A staple of Canadian culture, the Hip are simply one of the crowd south of the 49th parallel. This Album contains both New Orleans is Sinking and Blow at High Dough. Released in 1989? This album has been locked in my car since I started driving 15 years ago.

9) The Black album by Metallica. Truly one of my favorite albums of all time, packed with high energy hits like Enter Sandman, Sad But True & Where ever I may roam. This album is also shows us the band’s vulnerable side with the classic power ballad Nothing Else Matters.

10) For those about to Rock we Salute you by AC/DC. Who is about rock? You are! Tired of hearing AC/DC classics from Back in Black, Can’t Deal with Thunderstruck anymore? sick and tired of TNT? Nah… but how about expanding your road trip collection? This Album truly rocks from Track 1 to the end. Released in 1981 this album is timeless and should be in your road trip collection… no exceptions.