A Guide to Wolves in Minecraft

For many Minecraft players, the new addition of “pet wolves” to the game has gotten the game into the spotlight again. This guide will show you how to find, tame, and take care of wolves.
Wolves are often found in the Taiga and Forest biomes of Minecraft. A Taiga biome is a snowy biome full of mountains and about twenty trees per chunk, while a Forest biome has plenty of trees with bright green grass, with an average of twenty-five trees per chunk. Once you have located one of the two biomes appropriate for catching wolves, you’re ready to begin.

Finding Wolves
Wolves will spawn on much rarer occasions than other mobs (pigs, cows, etc) do, so waiting for wolves to spawn will take patience. It’s best to make your home in the Taiga/Forest biome so you’ll have the highest chances of encountering wolves. It shouldn’t take too long, so if you’ve had no luck for a couple of days, then try moving to a different area.

Taming Wolves
Wild wolves are neutral and will not attack you if you go near them, but they will attack if you try and attack them first. In order to tame a wolf, you’ll need a few bones (which can be obtained from skeletons). How many you want to take is up to you, and it depends how many wolves you want to tame. One wolf will require two or three bones on average to tame. Go up to the wolf you want to tame, holding the bone in your hand. Right click on them, using up the bones, until a cloud of red hearts appear. This means that you have successfully tamed your wolf! It will now wear a red collar to signify it’s yours, and it will follow you around and attack any mobs (other than creepers) that you tell them to by hitting the target with your hand.

Caring for Wolves
As of right now, hostile mobs (spiders, zombies, etc) will not attack your wolves, but your wolves can still get hurt! Make sure to allow your wolf to follow you on a safe path, because they can fall down cliffs and get hurt. If your wolf does get hurt, then you can heal it by feeding it a raw porkchop (obtained by killing pigs). Just hold the porkchop and right click on the wolf to feed it. If you stray too far from your wolf, it will teleport to you so you won’t lose it. If you want to leave your wolf at home or another specific location and don’t want it to accompany you anymore, just right click on it and it will sit and stay. If you want it to stand up again, just right click on it again.
There is a glitch involved with switching to play Minecraft online and offline. If you save while online with your wolves sitting down, they will not stand up when you play offline, and vice versa if you save offline with wolves sitting down. To remedy this, go online or offline, whichever is the one where you can make the wolves stand up, and just stand them all up and save.

Wolves cannot travel to the Nether with you (as of the current stage of Minecraft)
In the current stage of Minecraft, game developers do not have a way of limiting the number of wolves you can tame, so tame away!