A Guide to Watching Fox “News”

Don’t adjust your screen-yes, almost every “reporter” is Caucasian. Never mind that the latest demographic data show that 1 in 6 Americans is Latino, and that Asian-Americans, African-Americans, and Latinos total population numbers are over 100 million. Despite the population trend that shows that the United States is becoming more and more diverse; when you watch Fox “News,” pretend like it’s the 1950s. When television just began, and the only diversity you saw back then were the dark (yes, I know they put makeup on them) White guys who played Native-Americans in the old Western movies.

Who needs facts? Facts get in the way of news. When you view Fox and the “reporter” shares statistics and data, with no source; or the source in many cases is a conservative think tank, such as “The Heritage Foundation” -not to worry. The stats Fox provides are accurate and have no political angle at all. And about those Fox News “Opinion” Polls, same thing, they aren’t biased either. In addition, when you’re viewing Fox and the numbers presented seem a bit off, don’t be overly concerned. Remember that “Fair and Balanced” tag line, which should put you at ease, that the support provided has been thoroughly researched and fact checked. Just sit back and believe what they have to say-because it’s true.

Don’t pay attention to those Fox “News” Alerts. When you’re watching Fox, you will be interrupted roughly five or six times per hour with all sorts of things that you might initially think is something to worry about. There’s usually fancy graphics, and a sound that gets your attention. In many cases, it’s a “terror” alert. I know what you’re thinking. 9-11 happened way back in 2001, and yes when Bush Jr. was President. We really could have used those terror alerts way back then. Anyway, the “terror” alerts consist of stories, such as the dangers of the Muslim religion or stories about “Illegal’s” doing something they think is illegal on the U.S. Mexico border or Arizona-to them, same difference. Yes, these constant “alerts” serve to inform Fox “News” viewers of hard hitting, up to the minute urgent news items; and provide context and depth. These stories aren’t meant to be sensational, and persuade “blue hairs,” I mean Fox’s audience to keep watching indefinitely, preventing them from reaching for the remote to tune into “Judge Judy.”

Who needs multiple viewpoints? It’s so much easier when everyone agrees. If you’re watching and expect “reporters,” law makers, consultants-I mean “experts,” academics, etc. to express multiple view points and an intelligent discussion of these various viewpoints, bah! Who needs that friction. It’s so much more fun to to watch Fox’s guests never be challenged by reporters. Especially on those very important issues and topics of the day; such as, those who believe that the President was not born in the U.S., (without evidence of course), or those who said that Health Care reform consisted of death panels, for seniors. I mean, why you would ever want to challenge such sound ideas and information? I mean, it’s the news, not a debate.