A Guide to Spring Cleaning

Now that old man winter is packing up and moving out of town, you come out of the typical winter hibernation you were forced into, and want to spring clean your home, but how can you achieve that fresh, spring clean without spending days or weeks slaving in every room? With a career, children, and everyday responsibilities sucking all of your time, how will you be able to find the time to spring clean your home? With everyone talking about spring cleaning at this time of year, be ahead of the crowd and conversation with these efficient spring cleaning tips:

Spring Cleaning Tip # 1: Clutter First

Start tackling all of the clutter. There is no point in begining to clean anything if there are piles of junk lying around in every room and clutter happens to everyone (even the most avid house cleaners who keep up during the winter months). Go through that stack of mail taking up the entire right corner of the kitchen table, or drawer, get all of the piles of clothes sorted through and put away. Go through the kitchen cabinets and pantry and toss the old, outdated junk cluttering up the space. Now is a good time to start collecting items for a spring yard sale. It is a great way to organize your clutter, spring clean and make some money at the same time!

Spring Cleaning Tip # 2: Let the Stink Blow Off

Now that you have officially begun your spring cleaning by clearing up all the clutter, it is time to start airing out and freshening up your home that has been closed up throughout the winter months. With the arrival of spring, comes warmer days and fresh breezes, so open up your windows and start letting some fresh air vent out your home. Use a fabric refresher to freshen up the furniture in your home that you cannot wash and throw all of your curtains, bedding and linens into the washer.

Spring Cleaning Tip # 3: Wipe Everything Standing Still

While the breeze is blowing in, and the curtains, bedding and linens are in the washer, start wiping down everything that just sits around. The two rooms that get the dirtiest and are in the greatest need of a spring cleaning are bathrooms and kitchens, so start there. Wipe off the canisters, salt and pepper shakers, coffee pot, toaster- everything sitting around on the counter. While you are doing this, reassess whether it should be taking up counter space. Clearing out clutter is the best way to spring clean your home (that is why that is tip #1). Use a general purpose cleaner and a wet rag and wipe down the counters and walls. The key to spring cleaning is cleaning up those items and areas you hardly ever deal with in daily cleaning.

Spring Cleaning Tip # 4: Finish with the Floors

Now that you have tackled everything else, finish up your spring cleaning with the floors. If you have carpet, throw down some carpet freshener and vacuum, or if you have stains, rent a carpet cleaner and give them a good spring cleaning. With hard surface floors, sweep them and mop, or use your swiffer, whichever you prefer. When spring cleaning, you want to get into those nooks and crannies you normally overlook. Move furniture and sweep underneath and slap those attachments on the sweeper and suck out those corners.

After you have completed these four tips, relax- you are done! It really is that simple to spring clean your home. Add some finishing touches by setting out some spring flowers and spring kitchen linens. When all the other women are talking about having to spring clean, you will be able to say, ” I have my spring cleaning done!”