A Guide for Building a Strong Family

Building a strong family is not dependent on socioeconomic status, country, race, or any other variable factor. Rather, the key is commitment to each other. Family commitment means that no member of the family even considers failure as an option. As soon as the idea of failure is entertained, success is put in jeopardy.

What does it take to be committed as a family?

Spend Time With Each Other
Are you are frustrated trying to find more time to spend with each other? Consider cutting down on time and energy you may be regularly spending on activities outside your family unit.

Build on normal, everyday routines. Your children may look back in later years and happily remember their discussions with Mom while washing dishes together after dinner. They may fondly recall the times they accompanied Dad to the convenience store to pick up forgotten items.

Establish a Family Night which can be eagerly anticipated by every member of your family.

All members of the family should have responsibilities and be expected to do their part. No mooching allowed! Even small children can help clean the house or take care of the family pet.

Holidays and Celebrations
Make a big deal of holidays, birthdays and milestones. Come up with traditions as to how your family uniquely celebrates any special day or accomplishment. This way everyone has similar experiences, memories and bonds which lead to the unity necessary for building a strong family.

Openly Express Integrity, Love and Appreciation
Children learn how to act from their parents. Be sure what you are doing is healthy behavior that you will be proud to see your children copy. If mom has an anger problem, little Jenny will learn that behavior from her. If mom handles difficult situations with integrity and grace, Jenny will learn that behavior, too.

Encourage every member of your family to look for the good in each other and express appreciation. Everyone needs to communicate respect and acceptance for others regardless of age, abilities, or weaknesses. If differences need to be discussed, wait to talk things over until every participant is calm and objective.

Create a family environment in which all members are secure in knowing they are loved and accepted even though they may have made major mistakes or poor decisions.

Cultivate a Strong Christian Focus
Read the Bible, pray, and go to church together as a family. Live your daily life by consistently following what you profess to believe. You will be building a strong family by practicing a faith that is practical and meets the needs of every family member.