A GPS Enthusiast Feature

This week, GPS Buzz Friday Feature brings us all over North America with Fred, a customer who loves to travel the continent. As a result of his travels, he has become a GPS enthusiast. Below, Fred shares some of his tips he has learned over time.

With more than one GPS, Fred likes to explain which units he uses and why, “For starters, I use a Zumo 550 on two Harleys, a 2002 Police Special and a 2005 Dyna Wide Glide, on my 1997 Dodge Ram 4×4 and on my 2002 VW Cabrio Convertible for long distance navigation and POIs; a 60CSx on both Harleys as well as the quad for geocaching, terrain and routing in the Arizona desert; and a 72 on the quad as the screen is large and easy to read while on the go as well as I use it on the Rigid Hull Inflatable at the coast for navigation in the fog and finding crab and prawn pots later in the day.”

Fred continues on, explaining his preference in GPS devices, “The Zumo is my main GPS due to its many functions, ease of use on the go either in the vehicle or on the bike. It’s the best there is as far as I’m concerned. Garmin has honored the warranty for various glitches and failures, so my trust is still with Garmin. The 60CSx is a great field unit and does more than what I need for geocaching, however, the topo maps are a necessity where I seem to find myself, but since buying it a couple of years ago, there are more appropriate units strictly for geocaching, however, I’m not about to let my 60CSx go.”

As mentioned above, Fred’s two main GPS devices are Garmin Zumo 550 and 60CSx. The Garmin Zumo 550 is a GPS designed by bikers for bikers. Durable and rugged, this Zumo offers preloaded maps and high end navigation, making it easy to ride the open roads on a motorcycle. Meanwhile, the Garmin 60CSx is a popular outdoor and marine GPS. Ideal for geocaching, the unit’s highly sensitive GPS receiver is able to find a signal even in dense foliage or deep canyons.

Lastly, Fred passes along a tip on essential accessories for his GPS devices, “The RAM mounting systems are the best to be had for sure. Without them, I wouldn’t have the reliability and versatility that I enjoy when using my Garmin.”

For more pictures of Fred’s adventures, check out his original GPS post.

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Bradley Jacobs is a GPS enthusiast and touts the benefits of garmin, tomtom, magellan, lowrance, and other gps system available with unmatched on-line store experience. With over 20 years of direct engineering, marketing, and customer service experience in the GPS industry, he is uniquely qualified to offer top-level support. His favorite distributor, GPS City, sells to thousands of customers in the USA, Canada, and worldwide. They range from small businesses to many Fortune 500 companies. From major universities and technical colleges to the Pentagon, Canada’s DND, military and other government institutions.