A Good Laptop for Under a $1000 Dollars

In 2006, I bought my first laptop. Call me cheap, but I bought it used off of an eBay auction for $200 bucks. While it was a clunky mess of technology, I felt progressive and modern with it perched on my lap. Looking back on my first laptop, I am glad I traded up, because a dial-up modem with only 2GB was not going to work out in the long run.

When I was ready to buy another laptop in 2009, I knew I was looking for something with the power to woo me, preferably to the tune of $1000 dollars or less. After trolling online reviews, I settled on the HP Pavilion dv4. It is classified as an entertainment notebook, and that suited me just fine. I am a movie buff, and I dabble in the occasional video game, therefore I thought the term ‘entertainment’ brought me and my new purchase closer together. Mostly, I needed a new laptop to keep up with my schoolwork and writing assignments. What drew me most to the HP dv4 was the base price: $579. Of course, that’s not what I ended up paying (once I added the Microsoft Office bundle and paid tax, it was about $800-something), but you can see the initial attraction. For $579, the computer includes a built-in web cam, a DVD burner disc drive, memory card slots, one year warranty, Wi-Fi ready, and the Windows 7 upgrade. Plus, instead of a standard black case, the outside is decorated with a gray argyle-looking pattern (which I quickly covered up with a custom skin from Amazon).

My favorite part of my laptop is the HDMI port. For a while, I did not really know the potential the port held, until I purchased my first HDMI television and cable. Then, I joined the revolution of hooking my computer to my T.V., and now I can’t get enough. Hulu and Netflix? Heck yea!

Other cool details about my laptop include a lock-able touch-pad (no more unjust clicking when you’re trying to type), touch-sensitive sound adjustment located above the keyboard, and a display size of 14.1 inches. Not to mention it’s an Energy Star approved device with a 7.5 hour battery life. Interesting note about the battery pack itself: its protrudes from the bottom of the laptop, raising it slightly. I have heard some people with the same laptop complain about that feature, but I like it because I can see the keyboard and screen better. The only drawback about the computer is the memory; only 4GB. I could have sprung for the memory upgrade, but like I said before, call me cheap.

All of the laptop features I have mentioned may sound like old news to many that have been upgrading their own laptops say, every 6 months. For a technological-starved novice, something like a touch-sensitive volume adjustment is just plain cool, much like the rest of my HP.

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