A Girl’s Guide to the NBA Finals

If you are a gal whose man loves the NBA, that’s the National Basketball Association, then you are probably used to him spending the night in front the TV or at his favorite bar watching the NBA finals on ESPN or TNT. Starting in June the NBA finals will move to ABC. For many women, just the mere mention of any sports brings a glazed look to their eyes. And then there are some women who actually know and follow the game. If you are in the latter group, then you are probably on comfortable ground with your significant other over the games. If you are in the former group, you may feel a bit intimidated and even leave your man to himself to watch the NBA Finals.

Have no fear, here are a few pointers for the girly girl who doesn’t watch or know much about sports or the NBA. Using these tips will help so that you are not completely oblivious to what keeps your honey glued to the tube beyond midnight on any given night during the NBA Finals.

1. There are only four teams left.

Miami Heat – Chicago Bulls- Oklahoma City Thunder- Dallas Mavericks

Each of these cities has a special kind of food that is popular to the region. To bond with your mate over a game, you could whip up some Cuban Cuisine to honor the Miami Heat, pull out the wet naps and make some barbecue and steaks to root for Dallas, fire up the oven for deep dish pizza to cheer on the Chicago Bulls or roll up some burritos and enchiladas to help the Thunder roar. Your man will be quite happy to be watching one of his favorite pastimes with his favorite girl eating some of his favorite foods.

2. Each team has a few standout players that always bring about healthy conversation.

To show your man that you know a little about the game, you could always bring up Lebron and “The Decision”, how fabulous Dirk is, how youthful the OKC squad looks or the way that D-Rose contorts his body on his way to the basket.

3. Every man has a little bit of coach and/or teacher in him.

All you have to do is ask your man “What is a pick and roll” or “How do you set up a screen”, and I guarantee you that the two of you will bond for the rest of the NBA finals season. One, he will be so impressed that you know actual NBA terminology that he will want to cuddle with you all night just beaming that his girl knows the game, and Two, he wants to be your teacher and tell you everything he knows and the plays that he wishes the coaches and players would run to win the game.

4. Tell him that he reminds you of one of the players when he does something or that he even looks like one of them.

There is nothing that will make your man’s self esteem rise, than if you tell him that he reminds you of one of his favorite NBA stars. Just be sure that he actually likes that person and that what you say is realistic. You will notice when he cheers that he roots for a certain player so it should be easy to identify his team or star player. You will probably then notice that he walks a little taller and smiles more afterward. Another plus is that every time he sees that NBA player, he will think of you and that sweet compliment. It’s a win-win.

5. The NBA is an exciting game and there is no time like the present to start watching.

The 2010-2011 NBA season and post-season has been full of sheer athleticism, excitement, and surprises. With the ousting of the Championship Lakers team, and last year’s Eastern Conference Champion Celtics, new teams and stars have emerged and this post-season is one of the best ever. Now would be a great time to start watching the NBA. Trust me, your honey would welcome your newfound love for the game and your refreshments to the couch. Who knows, on some nights you may even beat him to the TV. Happy Watching!