A Gamers Review of Minecraft

What is Minecraft?

Minecraft is a computer game that focuses your time on a few simple activities; mining, crafting, and surviving. You must mine specific materials in order to craft them into tools items to help you survive. The game is centered in a completely random world that is (for learning purposes) infinite in every direction. This randomly generated world has many features, such as unique biomes, many land features (such as mountains, hills, rivers, and oceans), and a completely random assortment of useful ores and items below ground level.

You may be asking yourself, Random Worlds? Mining ores and items? What is the difficulty in that? The answer is simple: mobs. There are a variety of mobs that roam this randomized world, many of which are friendly, and can help you survive; and many that are enemies, and will attempt to kill you, or in the case of a Creeper, blow you and your creations up. Enemy mobs usually come out at night, and some get destroyed once the sun comes up; but many will continue lurking around the world. One of the suggestions to survive contains making a house or fortress to protect you from these mobs, and have a safe place to store your items. You can also place a bed inside your house, and sleep during the night to prevent enemy mobs from spawning at all.

Minecraft has two types of gameplay, Singleplayer and Multiplayer. In singleplayer, you play by yourself to survive, which is nice for people who like games where you work independently. In the multiplayer, you can play on a server with either people you know, or your friends, and work together to survive. There are variations of these game types depending on what game modifications are installed, which can change the gameplay altogether, but that is outside the realm of this guide.

Tell me more!

Minecraft is made by an indie game company called Mojang headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. The main coder, and owner of Mojang, is named Markus Persson. The game is for sale, only available for purchase from the Minecraft website (www.Minecraft.net). The game is not yet completed, currently in a Beta phase. Regardless, there are a few million people who have bought this game, and play it frequently.

How do I win the game?

There is no end to the game, so there is really no way to win. The goal is to keep mining and getting ores and materials to craft tools and items. You can keep building up your house, and making it stronger against mobs. Eventually when you start to get bored of your creation, you can always start a new world and start from scratch!

Is there a way to try the game for free?

Yes and No. There is a free version available off Minecraft’s website, but it is the classic version, and is a very basic version of the actual game. The actual game of Minecraft has many more features, which is why I would recommend just buying the full game.

What do you think of the game overall?

Personally, I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on a wide variety of games from first person shooters to real time strategy, and I would say Minecraft has one of the best game mechanics of all of them. There is so much to the game, and you can play the game for hours and never lose interest over time, yet it is simple enough to not get confused. Not only is the game substantially fun, but it is also family friendly and safe because of its lack of blood and violence. It is one of the only games that connects you directly into the world you are playing in, and gives you total control to do just about whatever you want. As more features are being added to the game through updates, there is always a new form of gameplay to explore. I believe the games value is worth twice as much as Mojang is charging due to the updates and the expansiveness to the game. Overall, I believe this game is one of the most fun games I have played; and I feel it is a valuable piece to any gamers collection.