A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to a Dinner

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages, welcome to the greatest show on earth, The White House Corespondents dinner.
Tis the spot to be for the who’s who of who cares. On April 30, Saturday Night Live comedian Seth Myers will host this star filled and the star struck event. President Obama will get a chance to let his hair down (so to speak), and ‘shoot the dozens’ worse than Dick Cheney blasting old friends on a hunting trip.
Last year Jay Leno did the honors. Two years ago Wanda Sykes hosted. I hope Seth doesn’t disappoint, and serves up a full course meal of political humor.

The rumor mill has Sean Penn and Bristol Palin attending this event, which is a notch below the Academy Awards presentation…or a notch above, depending how you score these type of galas. Now Sean Penn and Bristol Palin won’t be attending the dinner as a couple. Heck, they probably have as much in common with one another as BP Oil and the gulf of Mexico. But they’ll both be there nonetheless. Kate Hudson is a guest of FOX news and will be attending along with Greta Van Susteren. Either Kate is a big fan of the network that brags “We report, You decide”, or she’s got a big movie deal in the works with the movie studio of the same name. Greta has always been a loyal soldier. I’m sure she disagrees with a lot of the nonsense that goes on at that network. But money is the root of all evil.

I for one can’t wait to hear the diatribe. Will President Obama comically remark about Speaker Boehner’s weird complexion yet again. Boehner, who insists his tan is au naturale, yet gives him the ability to glow in the dark like a Mego Micronaut, had better be on his P’s and Q’s. Together with his new found ability to cry at a moments notice, Obama could liken him to ‘watching an orange being peeled’. Perhaps Obama will direct his snipes against the many tea party republicans in congress, or simply concentrate on Michelle Bachmann, who’s on, off, and, on again love affair with the birther movement has her more resembling a cross between a slinky toy gone awry, and Gordon Shumway (aka ALF).

Then again the President can turn the tables on supporters, a group who calls themselves the Fresh Juice Party, who sang a song of protest against the treatment of Wiki-Leaks government strategy informant Bradley Manning. The President obviously enjoyed this bit of interrupting entertainment at a fundraiser in San Francisco “That was a nice song”, But a comical comeback might still be appropriate. I suggest Obama break out his own rendition at the House Correspondents dinner. All the President has to do is clear his throat, rare back with his best David Allen Grier impersonation and begin “I wrote this song about the fresh juice party. Wanna hear it, here it goes…”.

I’ll keep my ears and eyes open (insert funny ophthalmologist and otolaryngologist jokes here). But seriously. It’s all suppose to be a just in fun extravaganza. A comic relief night to help take off the edge from politicians, who should feel pretty edgy right about now. I hope everybody who reads my columns (both of them) will watch this event on April 30th. And remember, it is— all in fun.