A Fun Magazine that Will Have a Girl Dreaming of BIG Things: American Girl Magazine

Since my daughter’s reading skills took off, I am very interested in magazines for her. Of course the excitement at getting mail addressed to her is a huge part of the draw! I have found magazines that I did not like for kids full of junk ads to magazines that I loved. I had never heard of this magazine before the librarian suggested it. American Girl to me sounded too fluffy with fluff pieces maybe on hairstyles? What I found inside was totally different from my initial reaction, read on.

What I loved about this magazine for girls:

First of all, I loved that so many girl’s submissions of art projects and letters as well as advice to readers was placed in the magazine, from inspirational pieces to gorgeous colorful drawings! I saw no “What do I do when my boyfriend likes my best friend?” articles…..but more how to be more green and how to adopt an endangered animal online.

Throughout the magazine, sentences that encourage girls to be themselves: Big Truth The true you always shines the brightest.

Different posters that the girl can pull out and hang up. One even is a blank cardboard decoration that the girl can color whichever way she wants and put up!

Various, very cute crafts that are easy to make and even some crafts that the girl can make as gifts!

At times, the magazine has girls from different states tell about their community and what they are doing in their community.

The “Design” contests are fun to watch for in each issue. I love to see girls’ creative juices flowing!

Ideas on fun things to do during each season of the year make it intriguing to pick up a new issues of American Girl Magazine.

American Girl celebrates a girl’s inner star– the little whisper inside that encourages her to stand tall, reach high, and dream big. A big plus for this magazine!! I love this!

A young “normal” girl adorns the front of the magazine…not photoshopped to be perfect.

Bright illustrations and readers’ submissions featured on a white background so they show up great and can be seen easily.

Inspirational and it will spur girls to think of how better to take care of the environment and inspire them to do great things in their community. American Girl Magazine really focuses on community involvement.

Stories with girls as the main characters who work out a problem.

No advertisements for junk foods, sugary cereals, Pop-tarts, new movies on DVD for kids, no high-priced Wii or PS2 or whatever else electronic game is out at-the-moment ads, and no beauty product ads were found in any magazine issue that we have seen.

Different fun activities and puzzles keep girls’ minds involved and busy.

Contests that the girl can send their name in to try to win. Even drawing contests!

Advice from girls for girls is a wonderful addition.

What I did not like in this magazine:

No healthy food recipes or healthy lifestyle articles were seen.

Seems to focus a lot on girls being creative more than anything else.

I would have loved learning type of articles maybe on the environment or science topics. That would have been a good fit.

African American and Caucasian girls are featured throughout the magazine with reader’s submissions as well as in other places but none were Asian, Mexican, or other ethnicity. It would even be great to see some special needs children featured prominently at times.

Articles on women’s careers might have been inspirational to girls too but I did not see any of that in the issues.

Many sugary dessert recipes were shown which is not a healthy lifestyle for girls to adopt.

It should be unisex for boys and girls. Is there an American Boy Magazine?

While this magazine says for girls 8-12 years old, I found none of the articles to be specifically for older kids. Younger girls of 6-8 years old would also enjoy this magazine…actually even teenagers! I found many of the articles interesting and the games to be fun. The activities page seems to be varied and not just for ages 8-12 years old. Nothing offensive in this magazine that I felt would not be good for my child to see. $22.95 for six issues is the typical price for this magazine. I would recommend American Girl Magazine for girls ages 6-14 years old. A fun magazine that will have a girl dreaming of BIG things in her community and her life.

Source: http://www.americangirl.com/fun/agmg/