A Fun and Unusual Summer Job for Kids

So, does dads old mower get heavy after a few blocks of trying to find customers? And do the neighbors kids might have a bit too much energy for your taste? Well fear not. Here are a few other things that you can do to earn money this summer (and maybe year round) starting with…

Ever wonder why people grow stuff and then sit on the side of the road with a truck full of water melons or potatoes? The answer is simple. You can actually make some pretty good money by growing your own food to sell. It’s not too hard if you plan out what you’re going to do first. Think big, but small. What I mean by that is don’t try to replace the local grocery store. You should propably figure out two to three things to grow tops and concentrate on those. You can grow quite a few potatoes inside of a few old tires stacked up in a corner of a yard or patio.

Lettuces only take about 25-40 days to grow if you get the right kind like mesclun,arugala, and romaine. And you can plant them every week for a month and have enough to eat at home and sell to your customers most all year.
Think about what nice seasonal foods you see alot of like pumkins in the fall, or tomatos and watermelon in the summer. Another point to remember is that you won’t have the only garden in town. Tomatos are a huge summertime favorite but many people grow their own. So having something they might not grow like cabbage, broccoli, spouts, strawberries, cantalope, or squash will help you.

Just remember to keep it simple. You can start this project for less than $15 between the materials needed for a garden bed and the seeds. A raised garden bed can be made in just an hour with a single 2″x12″x16 foot long board. Just cut it into four 4 foot lengths and screw it together with 3-4 long deck screws at each corner, fill with dirt and viola!, a nice one foot tall gardening bed that you can use for years and grow a lot of food. The best part is that if you line thebottom with cardboard before putting in the dirt it will be easier to keep down weeds, and you won’t have to reach way into it to pick your crop. You can grow anything in a raised bed that you can grow in the ground and is easier to control how much water your plants are getting. So get out there and have some fun growing and selling your own food!

Some simple tips:
-Remember that what you put on your plants when they’re growing will also be in the food when it’s done so don’t use chemicals on them. A customer is more inclined to buy your food if it’s organic.
-Read the seed packet or label on your plants. The have lots of important information on them about growing that certain plant.
-Make a compost bin and get your fertilizer for free while keeping kitchen scraps out of the landfill.
-Have fun and let nature take it’s course. The best thing about gardening is that the plants do most all of the work.