A Free Food Shopping Spree at Publix

I heard about this news event a day or so ago. I was astounded when I learned about it, and wanted to share it with all. If you have already heard about it, my story will be boring, However, stay with me and maybe together we can learn a valuable lesson about how to get money back when food shopping.

It made me laugh when I heard about this on the TV. Imagine such an event actually happened at my favorite Supermarket, Publix. I do not know the state it happened in, or the exact day and time, but this woman could not have picked a better store to shop in than a Publix Supermarket.

She went food shopping well equipped. She had taken her scrapbook filled with food coupons. She also took along the Publix Supermarket shopping specials that also were in the form of a coupon.

She took her time; she walked up and down the aisles looking for special products. I heard that she always shopped first on the aisles that held the products that she had food coupons for. It took a little longer food shopping this way I thought when I heard the news, but I guess in the end it was worth it.

She went food shopping alone. No little kiddies tossing sweets into the shopping baskets. This was a special day in the week. It was her day to go shopping for food and she did not want any distractions.

Finally she shut her coupon book, after removing many of the coupons. I heard about this but wished I had seen it. I can only imagine the look of the shoppers who were in the back of her on line at the pay out counter,waiting for her to finish checking out.

Her bill rang up on the cash register and sounded like music. One by one the product prices were hit. When the checkout was done, the clerk was presented with the coupons. She rang them up, one by one until she came to the end. Then, she hit the end button and lo and behold, the food shopping spree came to $141.00. Then, when the product coupons were deducted, Publix ended up by owing the woman shopper a refund of $5.60

I love this story and that is why I passed it along to you. I think it is remarkable how this woman did it and passed it along to us.

How to Save Money When Going Food Shopping

1. Before you go food shopping, check newspapers or the Internet for coupons for food items you need to buy.

2. If you do not usually use the product then do not look for a coupon.

3. Go to the manufacturers page on the Internet and find the product coupons. Now you will have double coupons to use on your shopping spree.

4. The final step is to go food shopping on the days when Publix has the product as a Buy One Get One Free Sale. This is how you get money back for shopping at Publix and walk away with free groceries.

This can happen at any food shopping store. It does not only have to be done at Publix.