A Feast of Trumpets

Sound a Feast of Trumpets. Kathy Hochul has just become only the seventh democrat to win election in New York’s 26th district in 168 years. That equates to one democratic victory in this particular precinct every twenty four years. WOW. It appears republicans lost their toe-hold on this basically GOP bastion, with the help of no other but their alleged financial wunderkind Paul Ryan. Voters in NY-26 saw the light, as do millions of voters across America who feel like they’re being treated like Gilligan Island castaways. It only took three years for Gilligan, the skipper, the millionaire and his wife, the movie star, the professor and Mary-Ann to be rescued from their seclusion…but predominately all Americans under 55, hoping for Medi-Care security in their futures, would be castaway from this 46 year old promise forever.

Voters aren’t stupid; well, for the most part they’re not. And those voters in NY-26 started listening to republican candidate Jane Corwin like she was E.F. Hutton. They heard her avid vocal support for Ryan and his scorched earth economic plans, and she was soundly defeated just one hour after polls closed. This is certainly cause for A Feast Of Trumpets. Of course Ms. Corwin saw the writing on the wall just prior to voters hustling to the polls and did an olympic backflip worthy of a 7.5 grade with her position on the Medi-Care aspects of the boy wunders plan, stating she was actually against an obvious de-funding of the popular senior program. But, to no avail.

Republicans are simply being caught up in the scorched earth policy fastly becoming known as Ryan’s Folly. Paul Ryan and John Boehner tried hard to quell American fears by attempting to pull the wool over the wide open eyes of those of us 55 and older. We weren’t going to be affected by a three card monte program that sends Medi-Care down the pathway of a voucher system that will basically end this program inside of a generation .

It didn’t occur to these Barnum and Bailey pitchmen, that Social Security and Medi-Care are the only inheritance most of us 55 and older can afford to leave our offspring. And if it’s all we have to leave our children, and our children’s children, and their children’s children, it certainly affects us. DUH.
Boehner and Ryan have played out their usefullness. An old ghetto saying is “you can’t bullshuck a bullshucker”. Sitting in their ivory towers sipping expensive champagne while devising strategy that throws 95% of Americans under the bus, is not only bad politics, it’s terrible public relations.

The 26th congressional seat in New York was facing a special election, because Christopher Lee (not to be mistaken with the brilliant but creepy actor) somehow forgot his wedding vows, and sent a woman who visited a CraigsList site with his version of Arnold Schwarzenegger pics, without the physique , in which she wasn’t the least bit interested, and spilled the beans on this Conan wannabe. Of course, Lee did what any reasonably young republican would do who was caught up in this particular situation; he resigned. And this set up a special election.
Democrats can now be proud of winning their third special election congressional seat in as many tries in the Empire State.

Congratulations Ms. Hochul, you’ll do a fine job helping to assure middle age fogeys like myself are not simply swept under the rug.