A Fan’s Perspective: Today’s Best Golfers Without a Major

The majors are under way and the Masters has a new champion, Charl Schwartzel. We watched Rory McIlroy’s painful collapse on the back nine while Adam Scott and Jason Day almost won their first major title. I am like most people; I am not worried about Rory having another shot at winning a major. I personally believe he has the game to put himself in position to win half a dozen majors. The question now is who are the best golfers today that have not won a major? In ranking the top 10 I left out some obvious names like Colin Montgomery and Kenny Perry. Their day on this list has passed and they have moved on to another, Top 10 Golfers of All Time Without A Major.

In comprising this list I looked at only the golfers who have been pro for 10 years or more. There are plenty of up and coming twenty-somethings that will excite us with major victories. You have to think it is just a matter of time before players like Rory McIlroy, Dustin Johnson, Jason Day, and Anthony Kim break through to win their first major. Here is the list of players who have a very distinguished career, yet haven’t won that elusive major tournament.

10. Justin Rose
Age: 30 Yrs. Pro: 13
Pro Wins: 9 PGA Wins: 2
Top 10 in Majors: 5
Top 25 in Majors: 12

Justin has all the intangibles to win a major but has yet to put himself in position to close the deal. He is still young enough to win one but may not win more than that.

9. K.J. Choi
Age: 40 Yrs. Pro: 17
Pro Wins: 17 PGA Wins: 7
Top 10 in Majors: 6
Top 25 in Majors: 13

It feels like every year K.J. is right there, on the verge of a victory, but back nine woes have kept him from winning.

8. Stuart Appleby
Age: 39 Yrs. Pro: 19
Pro Wins: 15 PGA Wins: 9
Top 10 in Majors: 4
Top 25 in Majors: 18

Appleby is arguably one of the most talented golfers in the world as well as one of the most streaky players. At this point I would vote him least likely to win a major…ever.

7. Ian Poulter
Age: 35 Yrs. Pro: 15
Pro Wins: 13 PGA Wins: 1
Top 10 in Majors: 3
Top 25 in Majors: 12

Ian talks a good game but rarely brings it. When he does stop talking and starts focusing on his play, he is one of the best players on the course.

6. Luke Donald
Age: 33 Yrs. Pro: 10
Pro Wins: 8 PGA Wins: 3.
Top 10’s in Majors: 5
Top 25 in Majors: 11

Luke is not real great at hitting fairways and greens but has a fantastic short game. If he can have a good week in FIR and GIR he might just win one.

5. Paul Casey
Age: 33 Yrs. Pro: 10
Pro Wins: 12 PGA Wins: 1
Top 10’s in Majors: 5
Top 25 in Majors: 11

Casey stays under the radar in most majors. It feels like he is long overdue for a win. He has done very well in his first 10 years as a pro and has a Vijay Singh like work ethic that should pay off soon.

4. Adam Scott
Age: 30 Yrs. Pro: 11
Pro Wins: 19 PGA Wins: 7
Top 10’s in Majors: 5
Top 25 in Majors: 13

He could be one of the most underachieving golfers concerning the majors. There is no question he has the talent to win. Maybe this years 2nd place at the Masters will be enough to prove to himself he can win a major.

3. Steve Stricker
Age: 44 Yrs. Pro: 21
Pro Wins: 16 PGA Wins: 9
Top 10’s in Majors: 9
Top 25 in Majors: 19

Stricker always seems to be close to the top but he is rarely ever a factor to win a major. He is super talented but may be getting too old to win one. It is quite possible that his time may have passed.

2. Lee Westwood
Age: 37 Yrs. Pro: 18
Pro Wins: 33 PGA Wins: 2
Top 10’s in Majors: 10
Top 25 in Majors: 20

What can we say about Westwood? He is an awesome talent who shows up to the majors ready to win. But his choking putter on the back nine has cost him time and again. You have to wonder if it is nothing more than winning the mental battle now. He may end up being another Colin Montgomery when it is all said and done.

1. Sergio Garcia
Age: 31 Yrs. Pro: 12
Pro Wins: 20 PGA Wins: 7
Top 10’s in Majors: 15
Top 25 in Majors: 21

El Nino has had more chances than anyone on this list. He is a phenomenal talent that can’t seal the deal on Sunday’s. He has big victories in the Players Championship and the Tour Championship so he is capable of winning a major title. Maybe one day he can win one, but for now he is arguably the most talented golfer without a major.

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