A Fan’s Perspective: the Houston Texans Best and Worst Games 2011

The 2011 Houston Texans’ schedule has been released. I have been following the Texans for five years and have been to a lot of the games. My favorite Sunday afternoon is spent sitting in Section 102 being four to five rows from the field, watching my Texans play. To me the schedule doesn’t make or break the season for the Texans. But there are some games I will be looking forward to more than others. I have put together a list of my three most anticipated games and a list of the three most dreaded ones in my book. I was going to call the list the best and the worst games, but I believe you might disagree with my choices.

Anticipated Games


Our first game at home is playing the Indianapolis Colts. This is a game that I can’t wait to see. It will be an extremely tough game to win, don’t get me wrong. But I love the rivalry between us and Peyton Manning. I scream my lungs out at the game to drown out his play calls. I am the home field advantage!


Another game that is tops on my most anticipated list is the Tennessee Titans. Too bad I will have to wait until the end of the season for this one. Did I mention that it is the home game I am speaking of? This is another rivalry game for us in Houston. I was at the game in November 2010 when Cortland Finnegan and Andre Johnson were ejected from the game for a fist fight. I was able to give Johnson a high five in the tunnel before the game that afternoon. The fans were on their feet for most of the game it was so exciting. Bring it on!


Houston plays the Cleveland Browns in week nine this season and this is a game I look forward to. Most would disagree with me on this one or at least ask “Why?” I want to see this game because Colt McCoy, formerly from University of Texas, has been quarterback for the Browns. I followed Colt for a long time and miss seeing him on the field. In Houston we are not able to always see the Browns games. Sorry, it’s a personal reason for this pick!

Dreaded Games


Pittsburg will be at Houston in week four. The Steelers are a tough team. I’m not looking forward to this one. It will be played at home, a plus for Houston.


The Ravens will be on week six, but this one will be an away game. With the Texans working on a 3-4 defense this year I hope they will have it down by week six.


Last but not least I dread the New Orleans Saints game. It will be on week three and in New Orleans. This game will be a good one to watch this year.

It’s hard for me to elaborate on the worst games, as you can see. Can football season start now? I am really tired of waiting for it.

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