A Failure of Leadership

Today, Florida’s Governor is looking more sinister than that former Governor of Illinois. In just a few short months he has managed to annihilate himself from the majority of the public that actually voted for him. First it was his blatant disregard for the future of the state of Florida when he purposely derailed the high speed rail initiative. Next came the public education crisis where now to recruit quality teachers to stay or come to Florida is virtually impossible because of all the impasses that make teaching in Florida basically a joke now. This is only the beginning of his utter contempt for the majority of Floridians. Instead of going after BP in claiming what is actually owed to this state when most small business are still suffering to recoup the vast amount of losses incurred from the oil spill of last year isn’t on his agenda. Billions of dollars that can awarded to this state have slipped away. This is money owed to many business in this state. Money that should be used to shore up for all those who suffered at the hands of BP.

His arrogance toward the public at large is so evident today. When a recent report about the appropriation of over $25,000 of public funds was awarded to a Memphis consulting firm which just opened a branch right in Tallahassee is just too coincidental. This firm is where his own daughter is now a Vice President conjures up a most blatant conflict of interest violation of the publics trust. This is just another example of the type of leadership we have in our state capital.

Instead of focusing on the real concerns of the majority of Floridians as well as to make Florida a vibrant place to do business, take a vacation or invest in the many offerings that this state has all that is coming out of this leadership, granted he has only been in office for a little over three months, is an alignment with the most uncompromising of the Republican party faithful. We must remember when our illustrious governor ran for office the pledge he touted was the creation of over 700,000 new jobs. With all the jobs that have been lost just within the past year, over 6,500 state jobs that are to be eliminated just this year alone, related to the number the jobs that have been added still this state is in the red in terms of reducing unemployment. This is not to say that every city and town in this state is still facing the most sever budget shortfalls in our history.

In the three or so months that our Governor has been in office less then 1% of the jobs now available carry with it living wages. Budget shortfalls abound, quality public education is in serious jeopardy, our energy utilities continue to increase far beyond what the majority of citizens can afford, and the cost of everything else keeps escalating faster than ever leaves this states as well as our country in serious trouble.. All of these issues that have a direct barring on the quality of life for all are being overshadowed, over looked, and even ignored by a Governor who will stop at nothing to get his own way.

All of this makes us wonder how a person whose own companies were involved with the biggest case of fraud and theft of the publics money ever got to be qualified to run for any political office in the first place, The validity of a candidate whose background was one of deception and deceit of the publics trust is one of the most bizarre cases in the election history of this state. This just proves how far the reaches of the Republican party will go in their determination to pursue their own agenda instead of the publics best interests.

With so much upheaval in this country the state of Florida could be a vestige of hope for so many. Instead what was once a state of genuine opportunity is now a vast cavern of despair and disgust in the transformation from a robust economy to one of lost opportunities for the majority of our population. There are so many facets of genuine economic growth still currently available in this state but sadly are continually over looked and now with the proposed budget cuts forthcoming many will be hard pressed to find them.

When cuts are implemented or even proposed as in Florida and other states all across the country only pushes this country backward. This is especially the case when one of the first items to be drastically impaired with monumental funding short falls is in education. If anything, in today’s economic climate, educational funding has to be one of the highest priorities of all. Our illustrious Governor and the rest of our legislatures have a sworn obligation to protect and preserve not only the constitution but the very future of our society. That means the continuing preservation of quality in all our educational systems. Failure to realize that any elimination or decrease in funding in education reduces the positive economic impact now and in the future.

With a proposed elimination in over 5 billion dollars in education alone spells disaster not only for students but for business as well. When our youth are denied opportunities to advance in their education the pool of potential employees is drastically diminished as well as the caliber of qualified candidates to fill job vacancies. When there are no longer qualified applicants to fill employment offerings products of goods and services decrease, business no longer are able meet demands, and a whole domino effect of downward economic conditions is the result. If this occurs there is no way even with the proposed tax cuts for existing business our economy will ever recover.

Granted their has to be reform in the state pension plans like 401K’s that are already functioning in business for state workers. But, to outright eradicate billions for education only spells further economic despair for this whole state and the country. Our leaders is state houses and in our Federal Government have all failed to realize that since 1994 when NAFTA was enacted the United States has lost over 22 million middle class wage earning jobs. This is income from $40,000 to $80,000. A salary range that has been eradicated with no employment opportunities that even come close to matching those salaries that kept the tax bases solvent. Every year the United States continues to lose over 500,000 jobs that sustain comparable wages. When their continues to be such a enormous exodus of middle class wage jobs as is the case for over 25 years no amount of budget cuts will ever equate to providing the services that are mandated now. This has to be the focus of all legislatures now to rewrite policies that contribute to tax bases.

The only way to recoup this astronomical amount employment opportunities that have been lost is by reforming the policies that enabled business to shed those employment opportunities in the first place. Failure to effectively reform those policies only will erode an already depressed economy. When our elected officials realize that the real issue to budget woes all across the country happened because of our own policies. Current policies have under minded the whole economy of this country. To remedy this situation reform of those same policies is crucial in eliminating the scourge of economic deprivation that so many Americans are continually swept up into. Every city and towns tax revenue can be increased only when our legislatures focus on what caused the demise of tax revenue and implement the reforms to ensure that tax bases will never fall back to today’s level. Every Governor and legislative leader has to realize that budget cuts alone without solving what caused the shortfalls in the first place will only prolong economic misery of a state and this country.