A Dreamer’s ABC’s

Often enough I have been asked, “What would you like to do with your life?” I’ve always had to answer, “Oh. I’m all over the place,” only to receive tolerant smiles. Honestly, though, I have had dramatically varied interests, with the exception of business and basically anything lucrative. This morning, I wondered if I’d dreamed up careers which began with every letter of the alphabet. As it happens, yes, I have.

A. Astrophysicist. Due to an overdose of science fiction books, and science articles, books, and experiments, I’ve had a deep interest in science for as long as I can remember. In particular, astrophysics a la Madeleine L’Engle held appeal.

B. Bed & Breakfast owner. I really enjoy keeping people well fed, making pots and pots of tea, and hearing good stories. Maybe someday this will happen. You know, when I’m rich and retired.

C. Curator (Mainly of a history museum, although art or natural science would also be splendid.)

D. Domestic Engineer. You betcha! Often enough, I want to be a stay-at-home mom. Who knew?

E. English as a Second Language Instructor. World traveling plus linguistics once sounded grand. Maybe eventually it will again.

F. Forensics, a la Sherlock Holmes.

G. Gardener/groundskeeper. And, I do mean that professionally. I wanted to be the Victorian style of Gardener for some super wealthy people and get my own little cottage on their land, and keep their grounds purty.

H. Horticulturalist. I’ve been interested in a number of fields in this sub-category, and thoroughly enjoyed the Plant and Greenhouse Program I took during my senior year in high school. I like plants, I like science. What could possibly go wrong — ?

I. Illustrator. Mostly I wanted to design book covers, but lately I’ve been interested in writing and illustrating children’s books. Neither really happens very often. Or, ever. Yet.

J. Jockey. When I was little, I wanted to ride thoroughbred racing horses. Then I discovered the brutality of the whole business for the horses and turned against it.

K. Kitten. When I was even littler, I wanted to be a cat. Who wants to be human, anyway?

L. Librarian. Books are probably my second favorite aspect of life.

M. Marine Biologist. Sea critters never fail to fascinate me, but it turns out that this career path is more microscope and lab intensive and less studying of critters within their habitats.

N. Nurse. I’ve always wanted to help folk who are hurting. ‘‹Å”Fraid I’m a bit squeamish for it, though.

O. Operator (i.e. Lighthouse. Possibly a super-secret lair as well. Not a phone though.)

P. Ph.D. In anything really, though most often I leaned toward Theology (God is my greatest passion, and I’m always inclined to learn more about Him.) Basically I just wanted to be professionally brilliant.

Q. Quirky Self Sustainable Hermit. I think this is self-explanatory. Also awesome.

R. Ranger. For a long time I wanted to be just like Aragorn. Being a Park Ranger appeared to be my closest chance, though.

S. Speech/Language Pathologist.

T. Therapist. Only catch is, for me, depression is contagious.

U. University Professor. ‘‹Å”Most definitely a professor of the absentminded persuasion.

V. Voice Actress (singing, or reading books.) Yes, I am the one whose voice tires within a few minutes.

W. Writer. As I was mis-charting stars with inadequate trigonometry, I also missed one of my greatest interests: writing. After an unfortunate physics class, I realized that maybe I should focus more on words.

X. Xeriscape Landscaper. It has always struck me as silly that arid areas try to look like humid areas when there are plants and landscaping techniques that are not so high-maintenance for deserts.

Y. Yak Herder in Tibet.

Z. Zookeeper. Hasn’t every kid wanted to be a zookeeper? It’s up there with astronaut, firefighter, and paleontologist in terms of popular dreams. Though in all honesty, I was only in it for the elephants.