A Dog or an Alarm System – Which is Better Protection?

If you can’t afford to install an expensive alarm system, that’s no reason to sacrifice your home’s security. There is an affordable method to protect your home. Dogs are actually an effective defense system. Security experts will tell you that proactive security solutions are much more useful than reactive security solutions. Before deciding whether or not you want a security system or a guard dog, you should weigh the benefits and drawbacks of each method.

So which security method is best for your family? One thing you should keep in mind when considering your home’s security is that the solution should be preventative. Alarm systems do not provide any form of crime prevention. Alarm systems only respond to an attempted break in; they do not actually prevent the crime. Think that alarm system sticker will deter criminals? This is very unlikely. Most burglars won’t think twice about robbing a house with an alarm system. In most cases the police won’t make it to the house in time to catch the burglar.

Owning a dog is a much better security solution because it is proactive. Any type of dog can work as a guard dog. You don’t have to own a larger dog or an aggressive dog to protect your home. Burglars will be deterred whether your dog is a large German shepherd or a small Chihuahua. Criminals just don’t want to deal with dogs because they are so unpredictable. They might be calm or they might attack. Burglars don’t want to take the risk.

You may be surprised to learn that many burglars prefer to rob homes with security systems. By the time the police arrive, the criminal might be gone. A dog, on the other hand, will act as an instant deterrent. The burglar is forced to deal with your dog right away. Whether the burglar is worried about a violent dog or just causing a ruckus, he won’t want to break into a home with a dog.

Dogs are often preferred over humans in security situations. Businesses and industrial complexes choose canine security guards because they are faster than humans and they have extremely keen senses. Canine security guards have been proven to be as effective as 20 human security guards. They can also cause more damage than security guards. No criminal wants to be caught up in an altercation with an aggressive dog, so this method of security is very helpful.

Why should you waste money on a security system when you can buy a dog? There is no guarantee that your security system will work. If your security system fails, then you have just spent thousands of dollars for nothing. If you want to protect your home, you must be proactive in your security system. Attempted break-ins can be very traumatic for your family. There is no reason to put your family through this ordeal, when a dog can prevent it.