A Discord of Distention

The month of April has come and gone and along with it besides Osama bin Laden, are again, millions of jobs, Jobs that could have made a difference between economic stability or continued financial hardship. Now many are faced with economic survival. this is even after the media has stated that the month of April had seen a resurgence of job growth. They failed to point out that the number of jobs created doesn’t equate with the mounting number of jobs that still keep disappearing. There is no mention that the jobs that are now available don’t carry with it living wages. They are part time and temporary based jobs for the most part. In reality, every city, town, and state all are still faced with a continued mounting economic crisis. The country meanwhile continues to be faced with a financial disaster of unparallel levels. Not since the Great Depression has a nation been faced with conditions that actually continue to endanger a countries future. A complete reversal of fortunes has ensued following the economic revival after World War II. During that span of 30 years from 1950-1980 the United States achieved such economic prominence. When the first energy crisis hit in the mid 1970’s the United States was ill prepared to handle the disruption of the imported oil that this nation had become so dependant on for our energy needs. To this day we are still at the mercy of the oil cartel which is just one of the reasons why this country is in such a financial mess. The lack of governmental intervention back then in securing a viable energy policy using green technology while encouraging the auto industry to adopt stricter fuel efficient automobiles with alternate fuel sources would have prevented the energy crisis that we have now.

Since 9/11 the United States has spent over 2 trillion dollars in the war on terror. With the continued conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq alone has seen a drain of at least 1.2 trillion dollars of what many feel as wasted tax payer funding. The monumental cost in dollars is only exasperated by the enormous cost of lives that have been lost. An estimated $150 million has been spent in Iraq to build only one 94 bed hospital. Only one! In the United States while governmental funds are whisked away to places like Iraq in Florida alone our hospitals are faced with over a 70 million dollar Medicaid shortfall. In Afghanistan the United States is the only country spending over $177 million on road repair. There again the United States continues to face an accelerating decline of all our own infrastructure. In practically every city all across the United States the roads and bridges are so deteriorated it is just a matter of time before a major catastrophe happens. It’s not just the highways and bridges it is our schools, hospitals, and practically every public building is in urgent need of repair. Mean while the United States continues to spend an exorbitant amount of what is now deferred tax payers funds on foreign infrastructure while the United States continues to wallow in decay. Our national debt at this rate will only continue to grow.

What should have been done at the onset right after 9/11 the United States in conjunction with the United Nations should have formed a multi national coalition; but, instead the Bush Administration went with the go it alone approach. This has created an enormous amount of debt as well costing thousands of more lives. To put this in perspective the total cost is still far from being realized but so far what this country has spent alone is far more than the cost of the Vietnam War and 11 times more than what was spent following World War 11 in rebuilding Europe. Then there is this argument after spending trillions of dollars rebuilding countries some will say that it is the best investment for world peace. It could have been a very good investment if more nations under the United Nations were more directly involved not only with manpower but with the financial undertakings. When only one country is so totally involved with not only rebuilding foreign countries but is continuing to be a dominate factor in their countries own affairs that argument on securing world peace is very much flawed.

With governmental intervention still favoring foreign involvement rather than securing what is needed right here in the United States only puts the United States at greater risk. No longer can this country afford to be the lone entity of policing the other nations of the world. Each nation has to take responsibility in helping others. The United Nations is only efficient if all industrialize nations jointly share and contribute needed resources so that no one country does not become so destitute in their attempt at stabilizing or securing peace in other nations or for any one nation. Once the government of the United States realizes what current policies have done, continues to do and for the foreseeable future will do has created an emanate danger to the principals that will keep America the democratic republic that is our heritage. Governmental policies from the 1980’s all the way thru the 1990’s paved the way for major corporations and business to shed millions of middle class wage jobs in favor of a workforce located in foreign countries. This made it possible for what has become somewhat unconscionable behavior among CEO’s who continue to rake in million dollar salaries as well as million dollar bonuses just by reducing the American Workforce to a point now that every city, state and this country is in dire straits financially. Just this past year the 50 highest paid CEO’s on average managed to collect over 20 million dollar salaries as well as over another 10 million dollars in bonuses. This is an increase of over 12% form 2009. This rate of increase in top level pay has been steadily increasing ever since the 1990’s. This is when the United States ushered in NAFTA. Current projections all indicate that this rate of increase in CEO salaries will only increase. Meanwhile, the rank and file employee saw their rate of pay has only risen by less than 3% while the cost of living has, incidentally risen at over 13% annually. This translates that the American workforce for all those who still manage to be employed there salaries actually fell by more than 10% in 2010. Also, base projections for the rank and file employee will only become worse. Our Government, our elected officials, major corporations and the financial institutions have all contributed to this debacle of an catastrophic economic disaster for millions of Americans.

Old Professor Franklin once told us that a true measure of any company is predicated not by the balance sheet. The one true indicator of great company one has to look no further than the turnover ratio of employees. Form 1980 all the way till today the average tenure of an employee is only about five years or less. Long gone are the days where the typical employee stayed until retirement. Long gone too are the days where generations all worked for one employer. Today that ratio of employee turn over has reached the highest level in our history. An average of over 15% turnover is currently the level in the majority of business today right here in the United States. When there is a double diget turnover ratio of employees or tenure of employees is less than 5 years the quality of products of goods and services declines which translates to a deterioration of the business over time. A domino effect in economic retardation is sure to follow.

When the Federal Government undertook the initial bail for the financial institutions [oh! by the way these are the same institutions that started this current financial crisis; the worst since the Great Depression] in 2009; little did the public know that these same financial institutions managed to recoup billion of dollars in sheer profit. When the financial industry was assured of billions of dollars from the Government to shore up the housing crisis the majority of home owners meanwhile continued to fall into that abyss of foreclosures. The number of foreclosures has only continued to grow despite the fact that the banks still continue to profit at the governments expense and the general publics worsening financial conditions.

In no other time has there been so much of a wide division and disproportion of the distribution of wealth in this country.With what may be a conscious design by the wealthiest few may be just a complete distortion and disruption from our Democratic Republic to fulfill a common destiny. That destiny outlined by our founding fathers through the malfeasance of those few has re gated this country to a point of no return. Those unconscionable acts of outright greed continues to dominate over the majority.

When so few dominate over so many no longer do we have a democratic society. We now have become more of a totalitarian state with socialistic overtones. If we could just step back and really reflect on what has transpired in the last 30 years we would see such a transformation yet ever so subtle but so complete no longer would we see a country united with equal opportunities for all. It wouldn’t take long before we all would see too much poverty, homelessness, disease, and starvation in every city all across the United States. We are no longer the land of plenty.

With so much diverse objectives in play today, the ongoing conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq, with the majority of CEO’s continued garnishment of exorbitant monetary perks at the expense of the American workforce [ what little there is left] and governmental policies that still contribute to the decline of the majority of Americans quality of life it is no wonder that this country has become so immersed in a quandary of economic, and social decay. To enable every American to finally emerge from this quandary the reform of governmental policies have to begin now. No longer can this country be to sole financier of other countries rebuilding while our own country continues to decay. Lets hope that with this election coming those who seek public service will pick up the gauntlet of economic deprivation and begin new policies that will transform this country out of the abyss of economic decline and secure our nations future.